Joel 3 Jan 6 2013
January 6, 2013

Joel 3 Jan 6 2013

Passage: Joel 3:1-14
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The LORD spoke to us from His Holy Scripture, Joel 3:1-14. First, He reviewed what He has said summing up the prophecy of Joel in the first two chapters. He reminded us that in chapter on, He revealed to Israel then and to us know that the country was drunk with the pleasures of the world; the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life causing the Church to be feeble and of no value in the life of the people. The ministers had no anointing, were corrupt and no respect of the people. Because of this, the land was desolate and in famine. The people were impoverished, vulnerable to an enemy nation which came in and plundered and took most of what was left, devastating the nation. This is the condition of our own country because we, as Israel, are drunk on the pleasures of the world and the Church is as worthless salt as Jesus said in Matthew 5:13, our government is corrupt and falling apart. We are being taken over by an invading army of people that are antichrist.
In chapter two, the LORD called Israel and today us to repent not tarring our garment in an emotional show of regret but in tarring our heart and mind away from the world looking into the face of God and humbling ourselves individually and as a nation.
In chapter three verse one, the LORD says “in those days and at that time . . .” meaning in the days of repentance the LORD will bring the return of the people of Israel. He reminded us that Joel is a prophetic message and Israel is here used in and allegoric way. There is a true Israel and there is a national Israel. The latter is not true Israel but only the remains God’s people like a garment that was once worn but then it is not worn anymore. It is just a garment in name only, such is Israel. Israel came from Abraham and was to be the people who were like Abraham, the friend and servant of God.
In Ephesians chapter two and Galatians chapter six the LORD showed us that true Israel, the people of God, the friends and servants of God is made up of the Jews that waited and trusted in Messiah that was to come and the Gentiles that received Jesus Christ as LORD and savior. The LORD took from the two Jew and Gentile and made one new man in Christ Jesus, this is the true Israel of God.
The LORD then spoke to us in chapter three of a time coming called the “Valley of Jehoshaphat and the Valley of Decision.” In the Hebrew prophetic idiom, a valley is a place between two monumental events. In Israel, there is no actual Valley of Jehoshaphat. This is a prophetic idea. The name Jehoshaphat means the judgment of God. This is an allegory statement. The first momentous event was revealed in chapters one and two, the apostasy, conviction and call to repentance. The second is the prophesied restoration, renewal of the true Israel of God. In between is the time when the LORD judges and calls to repentance His people. 2 Corinthians 6:2 declares that that time is now, the time between the coming of Christ the Light, revealing our sin and disregard of God’s Law and the time of His coming 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10. Now is the time for us to evaluate whether we are truly saved and walking with the LORD or not. It is a fearful thing to stand before holy God without a savior and the savior’s life.

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