January 13, 2013

Joel 3:11-21 ~ January 13th, 2013

Passage: Joel 3:11-21
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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from the last chapter of JOEL vss. 11-21. It is awesome to consider that after some 2800 years the LORD still speaks to His people by Holy Scripture. The message of the LORD was concerning the time called the “Acceptable Time” spoken of in 2 Corinthians 6:2. “Behold now is the accepted time now is the day of salvation.” In Joel 3:11-14 the LORD speaks to us through the prophetic picture of a war that is going to take place in a valley called the Valley of Jehoshaphat and vs.14 the valley of decision. Here we see that the LORD calls all the lost unsaved of the world, called heathen to come to this valley to hear His judgment of them and to make a decision whether they will repent and humble themselves to Him or they will refuse, rebel and remain an enemy of God.
The judgment given in this valley is that of our lives that we have been found guilty of breaking of the life principals of the creator, the Law of God. Our sentence is an eternal existence of torment and anguish in hell that was made for the devil and his angels. But, God who is not willing that any of His creation should parish has made a way of escape through the Messiah Christ Jesus. If we will repent, meaning turn to God and away from the life of the flesh, we will be accepted into His kingdom. This “Acceptable Time” is shown as a valley between two monumental events.
The first monumental event is the coming of Messiah/Christ, our savior Jesus, His sacrifice, death and resurrection and ascension into heaven. The second is His return called the “Second Coming.” The time between these two events is the Valley of Decision the “Acceptable Time.” Verse 14 declares that the Day of the LORD is near. In verse 15 the Sun and the Moon are prophetic pictures of major nations in the world and the stars are smaller countries. All of these, big and small, will hide themselves as the day of the LORD comes. In verse 16 the LORD declares that He will roar out of Jerusalem before that day, meaning He will roar loudly the warning and pleading for all to receive His grace and be saved during this Acceptable time.
Remember we learned that Jerusalem in prophetic language refers to the true Israel which is according to Ephesians 2:13-16 the Jew that has received Messiah and the Gentile that has received Jesus. We see Peter, Paul and Timothy and Titus, Jews and Gentiles comprising the Church which is the true Israel the true heavenly Jerusalem Hebrews 12:22-24. The LORD will roar out of the Church with the true Gospel before the Day of the LORD and will shake everyone that calls theirself God’s people. Only those that are truly the LORD’s will be able to stand because they have a personal relationship. In verse 17 we see the revealing of the LORD Jesus called the “I Am”, John 8:54-58. In verses 18-21 we see the blessing of God on the earth and curses of God on the world that rejected Him.
Now is the time of the Valley of Decision the “Accepted Time.” It is now the time to make sure our salvation. Do we have a relationship with Him? Do we keep His commandments John 14:23?

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