June 23, 2013

Jeremiah 9:2-6

Passage: Jeremiah 9:1-2
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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah 9:2-6.  In Verse 2 we read the words that Jeremiah spoke saying he did not want to be a part of his people Israel.  These words though spoken by Jeremiah were the words of the LORD spoken through him.  The LORD speaks of being in communion one with each other.  He does not want to be with His own precious Israel that He loved, His own children that He brought out of the world separating them from the world into a land that He had given them.  Now they have become like the world around them, the world that the LORD did not create but was created after the fall of Adam, a world conformed to the image of the devil.  The LORD had cast Lucifer, the devil, out of His presence Isaiah 14:12-15. He cannot tolerate the devil’s rebellious nature.

Now in verse 2, the LORD is saying He can not tolerate the nature of rebellion of the devil in His own people.  He wants to leave their presence.  The LORD spoke to us in reference to the idea in this verse by a word that He gave me in 2003.  The LORD told me then that in the same way the LORD was departing from protecting and associating with America because it was no longer a nation under God.  It has become a nation that has rejected His Law, His morals and values as they have removed the “Ten Commandments” from our schools and all public buildings.  They have rejected His teaching about “abortion”, the murdering innocent children in the womb, as Israel did as they worshipped the false Baal idol, Molech.  This is the most heinous sin, an abomination in the LORD’s eyes.

Because of this, the LORD told His beloved Israel that He was departing from them.  This is what He also said to me.  The LORD said from verse 3 that America, just as Israel of old, had become a nation where the way of the lie was the way of the nation.  From the government to the church leadership even down to the parents in the home they all acted in lies.  This way had become so common that no one thought of it as lying.  The reason for this is as the LORD says “they do not know me.”  They of Israel and we in America have a form of religion but do not know the power of God, the living Word of God, the living Law of God Jesus Christ.  The LORD spoke from His Word in Matthew 7:23 to those that do what they want and have no relationship with Him, “depart from me I can never knew you.”

Then from verse 6, the LORD said because of this people that are willingly deceived. He was sending a “strong delusion” 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12 with the purpose of separating the deceitful pretenders from the true Church as He prepares to come.  The LORD cries that we would call the church of Jesus in this nation to repent and return to Him.

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