June 16, 2013

Jeremiah 9:1-2

Passage: Jeremiah 9:1-2
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The LORD spoke to us last Sunday from Jeremiah 9:1-2.  In verse one, the prophet Jeremiah expresses the heart of the LORD as he declares that He wants to express His great heart break and sorrow for the “daughter of His people.”  This term is used for “the apple of His eye.”  We have seen in the previous chapters that the LORD has been warning them of the coming army of the world super power of that time, Babylon.  In chapter 8:16 we read of the report of the “snorting of the horses” in Dan, the northern most province.  The report said they were devouring the land.  The commotion of war was so bad it was even driving the snakes and other beasts toward the rest of the nation.  At the same time the church leaders were saying “Peace, Peace” when there was no peace only war.

Now back to Jeremiah 9:1, through Jeremiah the LORD is crying actually or to be more accurate is saying He wants to be as those that greatly wail, like those that are usually found at funerals, like those that were wailing at the home of Jairus a ruler of the synagogue in Mark 5:38.  The word “wail” means to cry; howling, squalling and weeping with a long, loud, high-pitched cry of pain, grief and agony.  This was in the same way that Jesus did as He was coming to His final entry into Jerusalem.  He stopped at the peak of the Mount of Olives as He beheld the precious holy city of Jerusalem found in Luke 19:41-44.

As He spoke these words, He lifted up His voice in a great, loud cry, wailing bitterly for the people of Israel because they would not receive the grace of God that had come to them in the person of Christ Jesus and the things that were theirs for salvation.  Jesus knew the judgment that was coming in which Rome would completely destroy Jerusalem and remove all the Jews from the land for over two thousand years.  This is what the LORD is communicating in Jeremiah 9:1.

The LORD took this verse to communicate the situation that we in the Church in America find ourselves.  The LORD has been speaking to us through different preachers.  I will use the old Testament word prophets because it is I believe the correct word, warning the Church to repent from the form of religion it had adopted as it became a Church full of “tares,” Matthew 13:24, 28.  This is something that looks like wheat but has no wheat  as a Church that has changed the Grace of God into something for personal gain of man and not for fulfilling the will and commission of God to make disciples of Jesus Christ, Jude verse 4.

The LORD has written in the Word of the down fall of the Church in the Last Days in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 saying that the “beast,” the leader of the antichrist, would make war against the church and prevail against it.  The LORD has said that He would build the Church that the gates of hell could not prevail against it.  Yet, we can see that seems to be the case because the Church has mutated in something that is not of God.  It bears His name, but is like a married woman that has left her husband and is in adultery taking His name in vain.  The LORD wails for His Church “the apple of His eye” to repent and turn back to Him and be a people of His Word and life.

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