June 9, 2013

Jeremiah 8:11-22

Passage: Jeremiah 8:11-22
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Last week, the LORD taught us from hard words the good news of the heart of the LORD toward us.  We heard this from the LORD in Jeremiah 8:11-22.  In verses 11 through 13, the LORD shows us that He is a loving and good parent as He watches over us.  He sees the things we are doing that will bring the judgment that comes when you break the Law of God.  The Law of God is the same as the laws of nature.  If you break the Laws of God or the laws of nature there is a result, a consequence called the law of “Cause and effect or consequence.”  For example, if you break the law of gravity, you have the effect or consequence of injury or death.  The law has no feeling or emotion.  It is an item of the structure of creation just like a steal beam in a building that holds up the structure.  It does not say or think, “My action is going to hurt, bring pain, misery or destroy.”  It is emotion-less.

But, the creator that made the Law has emotion and feelings, knowing what is going to happen if the Law or laws are broken.  Notice in verses 11-13, the emotion of the cry of the LORD through His servant Jeremiah to warn His people of the impending judgment that is coming because they have broken the Law and committed not just sin but as the LORD puts it an “abomination.”   This word means in the Hebrew something abhorrent and disgusting bringing the emotion-less result of judgment of the Law.  The LORD pleads with His people to repent and amend their ways before the “time of visitation” as it is called.

As we know from the writings of Jeremiah that that time came because they did not listen to the cry of the one that created them.  They believed rather the lies of the prophets and priest as verse 11 declares saying “peace, peace when there is no peace.”  The armies of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth at that time, Babylon, were marching toward them.  They were even given warning from their own people as messengers came from the northern most part of the kingdom from the tribe of Dan with the report as we see in verse 16 of the snorting of their horses and the trembling of the land as they come devouring.

The LORD speaks to us with the same cry of the impending judgment that is coming to the people of God in America even in the Church of the LORD Jesus Christ.  This judgment is written before hand as was the judgment in Jeremiah.  In Daniel 7:21, we read that there will be a great leader that will conqueror the governments of the world and make war with the saints the people of God.  The same is written in Revelation 13:7 and Psalm 2:1-3 just to name a few.  There are many other scriptures that are like the messengers from the tribe of Dan warning of snorting of the horses and the trembling of the land

Today there is a coup d’état, an over through of power, taking place by an overwhelming force of the antichrist people in America.  This force has no regard for God or the Laws and morals of God, as Psalm 2 :3 states, they break the bands and cords of the morals of the Law of God that has made this nation the greatest in the world, but now just as the great nation of God, Israel and the Holy City Jerusalem was destroyed and carried away so will be the case for the society and life that we knew here in America all because God’s people will not repent and turn from their sins 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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