May 19, 2013

Jeremiah 7:29-30

Passage: Jeremiah 7:29-30
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                   Jesus taught us in the parable of the sower of the seed, if we do not take what has been sowed  from the Word of God by the Holy Spirit, the devil will come and take it away from our minds.  So, we need to meditate on what the Holy Spirit sowed or planted in our minds from the message of the LORD last Sunday from Jeremiah 7:29-30. The LORD first reminded us that the words of Jeremiah are prophetical, being not necessarily physically literal but most certainly spiritually literal.  In verse 29, the Word of the LORD calls for Israel to cut their hair, go to a place of worship, cry out to the LORD in sorrow and make a vow or repentance to return to Him because of the wrath that is coming due to the great sin of the people in their worship of the gods of the nations around them while in the temple of God which is dedicated to His Holy name.

                   The act of cutting off the hair was a spiritual act of taking a vow as we can see in Acts 18:18 where Paul made a vow as he was heading for Jerusalem and the temple of God.  In this prophetic image the LORD is calling Israel to make a vow of repentance to return to the LORD and His Law to escape the wrath that is coming.  Through this word the LORD speaks to His Church today that is in the religious sin as Israel, having turned the Church into a place to please man and not God.

                   As we learned in the early 1900’s, the Church turned from being the ideal of the life that God wants and began to appeal to man.  It began to evangelize by declaring “Jesus loves you” instead of the traditional message of the church down through the centuries of repent from disobedience to God and His commandments.  Come and humble yourself to God and be saved.  In the early 1960’s this turn away from God’s plan grew deeper in error as a movement developed called the “Church Growth Movement.”   This put forth a plan of growing the church by showing the lost world that the church had many things that were appealing to lost society.  There was no longer any call to repent and come to the LORD.  This movement grew until, as a cancer.  Its tentacles were in every denomination in much of what is called the mainstream church.  This movement takes the focus off of pleasing God and puts the focus on pleasing man.

                   The LORD calls us, individually and as a body, to repent of this because this has been the cause of the loss of the power of God making the Church as Jesus said “salt that has lost its savor” power.

                    Verse 30 speaks of the abomination of Manasseh, a former king of Israel, had done by putting a carved idol in the Temple of God which was to be only for Jehovah.  The LORD spoke to us, “What know ye not that your body is the Temple of God?” Today the majority of Christianity has placed the things of the world in their heart instead of God.  The LORD calls us to check our hearts and see if the LORD Jesus is first in our hearts or are there other things?  Remember, Jesus said if we wanted to follow Him we had to forsake everything, wife, children, father, mother, homes and the things of the life we love and follow Him, Luke 14:25, 26, 33.  We must have Jesus on the throne in our hearts.  This will keep us from the judgment of God that is coming.

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