May 5, 2013

Jeremiah 7:1-16

Passage: Jeremiah 7:1-16
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     Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from His Word Jeremiah 7:1-16.  The LORD shows us His mercy and love for His people.  He sends Jeremiah to plead with His people to remember what the LORD has done for them and given them.  The LORD, through Jeremiah calls them and to look at what they are doing, to repent and come back to be with Him living in His Word, His will.

     The first thing He did was to review what He has already said to them in the earlier chapters.  He reminded them that they were the only nation in the history of the world that had changed their God, Jeremiah 2:12-13.  He had planted them a “Noble Vine” to produce godly fruit but they had turned into a “degenerate plant.”  They commit spiritual adultery by worshiping stone and wooden idles, Jeremiah 3:9.  He had sent them prophets to speak to them His heart but they say they are full of wind and the Word of God is not in them Jeremiah 5:12-13.  God’s Word, which is life and health to all our flesh, they will not hear.  It is a reproach to them Jeremiah 6:10.  These are just a few.  But in all of them, the LORD is giving them a chance to repent, to turn back and follow Him.

The LORD now cries through Jeremiah, “Why do you trust in lying words?”  “You consider my word which is truth a reproach,” Jeremiah 6:10.  On this point, the LORD began to “read our mail.”  He knows about us.  The LORD spoke to us that He saw how we felt about reading and studying His Word, how it was a labor.  There are other things we find more interesting, reading the newspaper and magazines.  He hit home when He said, “They would rather be reading Face Book than His Book.”  Though everyone kept a composed look, I’m sure it struck many and they knew that it was true.

     Why is it that Christians are like this?  They long to hear and read the words of men but the Word of God is laborious, boring to them or offensive.  Is it because it speaks to them to turn away from, to give up and stop the precious things of sin that they love?  Or, is it that they love the things of the world but the things of the Kingdom of God are like a continuous church service that never gets over.  Maybe that’s why when the Bible speaks of eternal life not many are very excited about receiving it?

     It might be said that the preachers have made it that way.  That might be true to some extent but if you don’t find the Word of God exciting and alive maybe you need to check your pulse, your faith and find out if you are in the faith.  1 John 5:3 declares the commandments of God are not grievous because the love of God in us desires to keep His commandments.  2 Thessalonians 1:8 declares that those that do not know (intimacy) God, do not obey the Gospel.  The LORD cries to His people, “Love me.  Come to me and love my Word and my Commandments.  Turn your eyes away from the World for the love of the World makes you at enmity (hostility, opposition) with God.”

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