April 14, 2013

Jeremiah 5:1-22

Passage: Jeremiah 5:1-22
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     The LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah 5:1-22.  In Jeremiah 5:1-2, the LORD says, “Go to my people and see if you can find anyone that lives righteously and seeks after truth and I will call off my judgment that is coming.  The people will say, “The LORD lives.”  They lie because they do not even listen to and look to my Law. “   The LORD says, “I have sent my prophets or my preachers to call my people back to my Law and yet in all of my people, in my holy city, you cannot even find one other than Jeremiah and Barak, his scribe, and another prophet, Zephaniah.”  In Jeremiah 5:3, the LORD says,  “I have punished them with beating them through their economy and prosperity but they did not even grieve them.  They only complained and refused to hear my prophets to repent and return to me.”  The LORD said, “These are “poor” they don’t know me.  They are to be my people and they do not know my heart and my will.  They have no fear or reverence of me.  They do not know my Law which is the foundation of the economy of the godly life.”  I heard the LORD say in my heart, “This is the condition of the modern church in America.  I wanted to cry as Jeremiah did in Jeremiah 9:1, “Oh that my head were waters and eyes a fountain that I might weep day and night for your people.  .  .   The Church oh LORD.”  Today, the average church attendee that says, “The LORD lives.” does not know the LORD in a relationship to read of Him, pray to Him and hear Him.  They do not know His Word, His will.  They lean to their own understanding and acknowledge their own god, the brain between their ears, and the mind of the world.

     Next in Jeremiah 5:5, the LORD said, “I will go up the important people, the leaders, the governors and elders for they know my Word, my will.  When I went to them they had broken off the yoke of my Law and every man did that which was right in his own eyes. That is why it seems like every conceivable situation and tragedy and problem was coming against them.”  This is the case for the Church today because the politicians are those that have been raised in the Church that did not teach the Law of God and the elders and pastors are those that were never disciples.

     The LORD also asked the question of us, “How shall I pardon these for this?  My people have trusted in the god of this world that is between their ears, and when I blessed them to the fullest they turned and committed adultery with those that are not god.  They have acted like spiritual harlots.”   Also in Jeremiah 5:12-13, “They did not believe my Word through my prophets but said that the Word that I put in their mouth was not God and it would not come to pass, the prophets were just full of wind and it shall not come to pass.”   Today, prophets and this preacher are warning that the Day of The LORD approaches and these are the “Voice of the Day of the LORD crying bitterly.”  But, “My people are like those that Noah preached to for one hundred and twenty years as he prepared the Ark and yet when the flood came that he preached was coming, they were eating, drinking and giving in marriage”,  Matthew 24.  The LORD cries “O my church if you only knew the hour of your visitation you would have been at peace with God.  This is the Day of salvation, the acceptable time.

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