April 21, 2013

Jeremiah 5:30-6:7

Passage: Jeremiah 5:30-6:7
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     The LORD spoke to us last Sunday from Jeremiah 5:30-6:7.  He began by stating the complete reprobate and apostate condition of His people.  He said that there was a horrible thing that has been discovered among the people of the LORD.  They were to be a holy people, an example and a witness to the world of how God desired all His creation mankind to be.  Instead, His people were found and seen in this egregious condition.  The ministers of the LORD were corrupt.  The people loved for it to be so.  The LORD said that this is a terrible and horrible thing to be with witnesses among the people that are to be a reflection of Him. The LORD, in verse 1, in His mercy and truth sent a warning of the judgment that must come because of this sin of His people.

     In Amos 3:6-7, the LORD says that when the alarm is sounded shouldn’t the people fear?  If there is distress and calamity in the city, has not the LORD warned?  The LORD will do nothing except tell the prophets or preachers first that they may sound the alarm or blow the trumpet.  So here in Jeremiah 6:1-5, Jeremiah blows the trumpet of the distress and calamity that is to come from a mighty country from the north.  This would be Babylon which came upon Israel and carried away all the people and destroyed and burned the temple and the wall.

     The LORD says verse 1, “Flee out of Jerusalem.”  We saw in chapter 5 that people would not repent and turn to Him and obey His Law.  The LORD spoke to us of this same matter among the Church in America today.  Many churches today are full of ministers that preach falsely, making up their own messages and not preaching against sin to show the people the sins that are destroying them and the people that love for it to be that way because they don’t have to be convicted of their sins when they come to church but can continue to believe the lie of their life.  The LORD speaks to me as to Jeremiah to lift up my voice like a trumpet, Isaiah 58:1, and warn the people to flee out of the culture that has engulfed the Church and our nation, the culture of Babylon, Revelation 18:1-4.  He says, “Come out of Babylon.”  Babylon is not a geographical location.  It is a culture of thinking of which our nation has become the full manifestation.  According to Daniel 2 and 7, there will only be five dominating cultures in earth’s history.  These five are Babylon, who was captured by Persia (Iran).  Persia (Iran) was captured by the Greeks (Alexander the Great).  The Greeks were captured by Rome and finally the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.  Today the church in America is a reflection of the Beast which is the fullness of all four of the world dominating cultures, spiritually called Babylon in Revelation 18.

     The LORD calls us to come out of this culture.  Titus 2:14 declares we are to be a peculiar or distinct people from the world as the LORD showed us from His Word 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. He has made us through the New Birth of His Spirit to be a people that are separated from the world.  We need to come out of Babylon and walk as the kingdom of God in the earth.  Let us do this.

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