March 9, 2013

Jeremiah 3:21-25

Passage: Jeremiah 3:21-25
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Last week the LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah 3:21-25. Again, the LORD is showing us the sorrow of His heart for His children then and now. He hears His children weeping and crying because of their slavery that they have gotten themselves into because they have been perverted by their backsliding away from the security and provision of their Father’s life. He calls like a father that knows his child is with some bad friends in a bad neighborhood. He goes into the neighborhood, up and down the streets, calling for his child to come out to him. Has that ever happened to you?
A woman in a church called me and told me that her son was a “crack cocaine” addict, he had stolen his dad’s tools, sold them to get the drugs and he was in a crack house in a neighborhood known as a drug area. I felt the heart of these parents who wanted their son back and feared for him. I went to the neighborhood and walked through the streets calling his name pleading with him to come out and return to his parents. This is what the LORD wants us to see as He calls to His children in Jeremiah 3:22, to return to Him. He wants his children back with Him. He wants to heal them from all the bad ways and ideas they have been infected with in their backsliding. One thing in this verse that really got to me was in verse 21. He says, “and they have forgotten their God.” I can really feel the pain in God’s heart just to think that they had forgotten their God Jehovah.
I know a grandfather that has said to his grandson, “Remember when we use to do…..?” speaking of the many things that the grandfather had spent time with the grandson doing because of his love. The grandson replies, “No I don’t remember.” I know the hurt feeling, the broken heart by those words. I can understand what God is saying here in verse 21, “They have forgotten their God.”
I can’t speak for you, but, I have to say I have been there and I see that I have hurt the LORD’s heart as found in Isaiah 53:6 “All we like sheep have gone astray everyone to his own way and the LORD has laid on Him (Messiah) the iniquity of us all.” Can we not feel remorse for the way we have treated our LORD and savior as we live our own selfish lives thinking only of what we want and forgetting our wonderful God who has loved us so much and wants to have our love and fellowship?
Next, the LORD points us to a wonderful moment in verse 22b. His people repent and remember Him and declare “Behold we come unto thee for thou art our God.” Also they say, and I will paraphrase, “Truly it is vain to hope for salvation from the idol groves in the mountains. Now we know that salvation only comes from you and we return to you our God. Truly we have brought shame and confusion upon ourselves and have sinned against you our Father and our God.” The LORD then reminded us of the parable that Jesus told which is found in Luke 15 of the prodigal son. I feel the LORD’s heart crying to us as He did to Israel “Turn from your own vain ways following things that are not. Return to me, I love you let us walk together. I will restore you.”

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