March 24, 2013

Jeremiah 2:32-3:5

Passage: Jeremiah 2:32-3:5
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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah 2:32 to 3:5. He led me to say that in these verses He wanted to show us as disciples that He has feelings and emotions as we do. We don’t consider the pain of disappointment and the grief of the LORD having His heart torn because of the betrayal of His own children. He puts it as His having to divorce His bride, the love of His life, His people His church. Most of us have at one time or another experienced the heart break of finding out that someone we love very much has been dating another or seeing them in an embrace kissing. The LORD shows us that He feels the same hurt as we do.
In 2:32, He said, “How can you forget the time that we became one, Savior and my child, my bride?” The LORD describes it in His Word, in Song of Solomon 4:9-10 He says that we have “ravished,” (captured) His heart and that our love for Him is better than wine and spices, but after the “honeymoon” we have forgotten Him and gone with others. Israel and Judah have “changed their gods,” declares the LORD, 2:11 and have given up their relationship with Jehovah God and have gone to worship the Baal gods of the nations they had conquered. We know how we feel when we are betrayed like that but we have never thought of how the LORD feels. He wants us to see it tears Him up. As we would say today, “His heart was torn, ripped.” He experienced the great agony and anguish that we feel.
Then the LORD turned to us and said, “This is how I feel when you ignore me daily forsaking communion with me in prayer and the reading of my letter of love to you, the Bible. You run to be with the things you love, family, work, TV, music, friends, etc., Luke 14:26, 27, and 33. You say you love me but your words are hollow. Your actions speak of those things you love. Are you like a woman that just marries for money? Did you come with me just for salvation and eternal life and care nothing for being with me?” In 2:33, the LORD said the Jews would go to shrines in the hills and dress up (trimmest thyself) to look beautiful, wearing certain clothing, having their hair a certain way to please their Baal gods to get their desire, but they would live before Him having no respect, dishonoring His commands by the shame of wearing their unholy sinful lives before Him, having no reverence for what He desires and even come to the temple declaring their faith in it.
Is this not the same today of many that claim the name of Jesus who have no reverence for Him, no fear of missing His commands, having no respect for His Word, dressing wearing certain clothing and acting certain ways to please the people that will get them what they want, money and the things they love, bringing shame upon themselves? Imagine a father looking for his daughter and finding her dressed as hooker standing on a street waiting for the money. Wouldn’t any father’s heart be broken?
Then in 3:1, the LORD says with a pleading heart even though you have done this, “Yet return again to Me saith the LORD.” This is the pleading of the LORD. If we would truly examine ourselves, we have broken the LORD’s heart with some of our ways and He cries turn back to Me and I will receive you.

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