July 21, 2013

Jeremiah 11:1-10

Passage: Jeremiah 11:1-10
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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah 11:1-10.  The major point He wanted to teach us was concerning covenant with Him.  Today, as it was with the Israel of then, so it is of the Church of today.  We are called the people of God but know nothing of the Word of God’s heart, the Holy Scripture.  We are like Israel in Jeremiah 7:4, 9.  The modern Christians live the lives of the heathen around them, then come to church Sunday and say, “We are under grace and are saved to do them, the abominations of the heathens around us.”  They do not understand what covenant means whether New Covenant or Old Covenant.

The LORD spoke to us concerning His covenant.  The LORD made a covenant with Noah saying He would never bring a flood upon the whole world again and He gave us the sign of the rainbow.  Next, He made a covenant with Abraham saying that through His seed, not seeds, but seed singular, namely Christ Jesus, Galatians 3:16, He would bring forth a people that would have the blessing of eternal Life through the Spirit of God.  As He did with Noah, He gave a sign of the covenant in circumcision, always calling for the spiritual sign.  He says in Deuteronomy 10:16, Jeremiah 4:4, Philippians 3:3 and Romans 2:28-29 this is a spiritual cutting away of the sin life, the flesh from ones heart.  These are the true people of God the true Israel.  These are not born of the flesh but born of the Spirit of God through trusting in Jesus Christ as their LORD and savior.

Then, there was the covenant He made with His people as He brought them out of the world i.e. Egypt representing the world, representing a man raised in the world but born to the purpose God their Messiah.  With them, He entered into a covenant called the Mosaic covenant which is generally called the Law of God.  The LORD said to Moses to gather the people that have come out Egypt to Me.  They will be to Me a kingdom of priests in the earth IF THEY WILL KEEP THE COMMANDS OF MY COVENANT Exodus 19:5-6.  In Exodus 20:1-17, the LORD gave the commands of the covenant between Him and them.

Now a covenant is different than a promise or a contract.  A covenant is a life and death commitment.  Whenever a covenant was initiated it was sealed with blood indicating, “Before I will break this covenant I will give my life.”  In Genesis 15:8-10, the LORD told Abraham to divide these animals.  At that time, it was the usual way of covenant that the two partners would walk through the divided animals in their blood declaring the covenant together saying that before they break their commitment they would die.

Now, the LORD said this very strongly.  Today the modern church only wanting to grow attendance, does not preach much on commitment to the commands of God arguing that we are all under grace.  But, the LORD has not changed, neither has His covenant.  Where the modern church errs is in the fact that Jesus endured the cross to take away our sins and then rose from the dead to give us the promise of the Holy Spirit that we can keep His covenant.  This is why He came in Jesus Christ that we would be His covenant people by His Spirit within us.

Through the prophet Jeremiah, He calls His people to repent and return to obeying Him.  So, it is today through God’s true preachers, we call you to keep covenant by the Holy Spirit within you.  Remember without holiness no man shall see LORD.

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