July 14, 2013

Jeremiah 10:17-25

Passage: Jeremiah 10:17-25
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The LORD speaks in Mk.4:13-15 a parable about having ears and the importance of hearing and that we must not only hear but understand and learn the things that the LORD teaches.  In the parable the LORD speaks of the seed that is planted by the wayside that is not received, not understood, becomes fruit for the devil.  So that being said we need to look once again at the seeds of truth that the Spirit of Christ sowed or planted among us last Sunday.  We need to look, understand and receive or learn what the things of the LORD’s message was to us.   This is the purpose of the disciples review.
The LORD spoke to us from Jeremiah chapter 10 beginning with verses 17, and 18.  The LORD declared His heart and revealed here His mercy to Israel His precious people who had refused to listen to His rebuke.  The army of Babylon, The army of God to carry out God’s judgment for their rebellion was coming.  The LORD could have kept silent but He had mercy on His children by the warning and direction in the words of these two verses.  The week before the LORD had spoken to Israel that this army of judgment was coming and He said what have you done, instead of looking to me you have rejected me and went to make idols of the false gods of the peoples around you.  The LORD took us to Joel chapter to show us the mighty, unstoppable army of Babylon.  The LORD uses a people who are worshippers of false gods to carry out His punishment.  Those people that will lose their life are people that have rejected the LORD and aligned themselves with the enemy of God, making themselves the enemy of God.  The LORD took us to Revelation 14:8 to show us that in the “Last Days” the world will be overrun and taken by the forces of an antichrist people.  This is also shown in Rev.13:6, 7, and chapter 17 and 18:1-4.  The LORD speaks to us in these “Last Days” that because the Church as Israel who declared the name of God but lived as the idolatrous nations of antichrist around us, we have brought this army of judgment upon us.  The LORD is grieved that He has to carry out this judgment but He has to carry out His word as He has been warning us continually but His warning has fell on deaf ears and the majority of what is called the Church has turned out to be as those in the time of Noah.  The LORD took us to Matt.24:36-39 to show us that those that have been given these warnings in the Word of God are living like those of the time of Noah.  Next the LORD speaks about His Church as He says “the cord are all broken” it has given up holiness and “there is none to stretch forth My tent” meaning to take the gospel into the world, to go and bring them into the marriage of the Son Mt.22:1-14.  Last of all He spoke to us from vs.23 “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.”  The LORD said to us from this verse that we are between two sources of intelligence our mind receive influence from these two sources, the intelligence of the LORD and the intelligence of the devil.  Or to say it another way this intelligence is called light Lk.11:34, 35 it is revelation either good or bad.  We are to seek daily the light of the LORD and reject the light of our own flesh empowered by the devil.

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