September 9th, 2012 ~ John 18:28-40

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We are disciples of the LORD Jesus. Last week we assembled to worship Him and to hear what He had to say to us. Let’s try to remember what He was saying to us. First He wanted us to notice in verses 28-32 the hardened blind minds of some of the people we will be meeting as we try to take the Gospel “to our vineyard” as they once said, our Woodland Acres. He used two scriptures to show us what is happening. First, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 we see that those that are lost are not that way because they have not known but because they are blinded by a real living devil. We forget, as we deal with people, that the LORD has endured the shame agony, pain and anguish of the cross for these. We forget that we are not in conflict with them but we are really fighting a spiritual war that is raging by a real devil that wants to take them to hell. However, the LORD shows us that there are some that care nothing for Jesus and the Gospel. Jesus showed us in Matthew 13:4 that as we go sharing the Gospel by His Sprit within us that to some, like the first seed sown in Matthew 13:4, are left being considered odious (stinking) caring nothing for being a target for the devil who does not want you to have. These Jews that Jesus was dealing with were as the scripture shows, willingly blind, carrying nothing for the truth.
Next, the LORD spoke to us from verses 33-34. Pilate asked the question of Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” To which Jesus replied, “Did someone tell you that or is this what you believe?” The LORD wanted to make the point that much of the Church is made up of people that have been told that Jesus is the Savior but they have never known Him themselves. The question we need to ask many that call themselves Christian “Who do you say Christ is?”
The LORD took us to Matthew 16:16-17 where Jesus says to Peter who has answered that question saying that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God. Jesus says that Peter had heard that statement from the Father not from men. Peter had entered into a spiritual relationship with God. Jesus said upon this relationship He would build the Church of Jesus Christ. The LORD wants the congregation to be filled with people that have entered into this kind of relationship.
Next, the LORD spoke to us from verses 33-36 from the word that Jesus had spoken to Pilot who asked Jesus, “Are you the king of Jews?” To whom Jesus replied, “He was a king OF THE TRUTH of everyone that is of the truth.” Pilot replied “What is the truth?” It is true that there are many truths but there is only one truth. When a builder is laying a foundation for a building there are many truths he could use. For instance there is the truth of “as the crow flies” or the truth “my father told me” or “an inch is the distance from the first fingers knuckle to the tip.” But there are strong Crows and weak Crows and different fathers say different things and peoples fingers are different sizes. There is a standard ruler which is true. In the Scripture John 8:31-32 Jesus declares that those that continue in His teachings, His truths, will know the truth and His truth will keep us free from error and captivity to death. We are to be people of the truth living by it?

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