September 30th, 2012 ~ John 19:12-22

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The message of the LORD last Sunday was found in John 19:12-22. From this scripture the LORD spoke to us first about Pilate who knew that Jesus was not guilty yet because of pressure against him gave Jesus over to be crucified. We know of course that this was meant to be and God would use this to carry out His will to deliver mankind from the sin of Adam, the fall of mankind from relationship and presence of God. Here we see sin in its selfishness, self-love and its effort to protect itself is willing to turn over a fellow human being for death. From this scripture the LORD spoke to us of how many that claim the name of Jesus as their savior and call themselves Christian do exactly the same thing. They know that Jesus is righteous and true and to be exalted and praised but yet because of peer pressure in this antichrist world they reject the Life of Christ they are to live. They bring the name of Christ Jesus to open shame, crucifying him again openly in the public and media.
In the first and second centuries after the resurrection and ascension of Christ, the Jews and the Romans moved to commit genocide, to purge the world of Christianity. In doing this, they did as was recorded of Saul before he was converted by his own testimony in Acts 26:11. Saul brought pressure against them to deny Christ Jesus as LORD and savior and to blaspheme, insult and use foul derogatory language against His name. Many did this to protect their lives bringing shame upon the name of Christ. This opened Christianity to ridicule and mocking. However, many were willing to die horrible deaths of burnings, beheadings and even being placed in stadiums with wild beasts to be eaten for the pleasure of a blood thirsty society because they refused to deny that Jesus was their LORD and Savior and that they were a Christian. This went on until the third century in ten different persecutions. Today, there are few that desire this loyalty and faithfulness to the LORD. They would rather be secret Christians because being a Christian is not good for business.
Next, the LORD showed us from the scripture in John 19:16-22 the very act of our salvation that delivered us from the sentence of sinner and the wrath of God as Jesus gave Himself to be led away to Golgotha the place of the skull bearing the cross, the instrument that would be used to carry out the sentence of death for the accused of sin. The scripture declares that Christ “was made sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”, II Corinthians 5:21. Then we read the words to which we have long ago become numb, that no longer move us to emotion and stir us, “They crucified Him.” They nailed His hands and feet to the cross and hung Him up between heaven and earth to receive the full wrath of God. There in the shame of being thought of as a criminal with two other criminals Jesus in pain, agony and anguish suffered in our place. Oh how could we allow this to become just so much information? There is a classic story called “The Robe”. It is also a movie. The story is about the Centurion that crucified the LORD and was tormented for years, lost everything as he became a Christian and was willing to die at the hands of his own people of Rome. This Centurion took our place for it was us that crucified Christ because of our sin. How can we not be moved to carry our own cross publicly and proclaim the name of Christ proudly and publicly?

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