September 16th, 2012 ~ John 19:1-7

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Let’s review what we heard from the Spirit of the LORD and the Word of God in the LORD’s message last Sunday. The LORD spoke to us about the free gift of salvation in verses 1-6 from a perspective that we, especially in the American Church, forget about the cost of the free gift. Romans 6:23 declares that “The gift of God is eternal Life through Christ Jesus.” This is part of our presentation of the Gospel for people to be saved, but what about the cost of the Gift? We have all either heard about or had the experience of knowing someone that has given us a gift .We were given a gift we knew that they did not have the money to purchase. They had taken something precious and sold it or they had taken their life savings for which they had been working so hard and purchased it. Because of this, the gift becomes so valuable that it is not forgotten but handled with great reverence. The LORD wanted us to see the cost of the free gift of salvation that we would hold it in great esteem, not take it for granted.
The LORD first took us to Psalm 22, a prophetic psalm written over a thousand years before Christ Jesus suffered on the Cross to save us and give us eternal life. In the first six verses, we see Christ. We can identify Him by the cry in verse 1, “My God, my God why has thou forsaken me?” We can see this is Christ because in Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34, these exact same words are spoken as Jesus hung on the cross. Christ said these words after being transformed in the grace of God to become sin that we might become the righteous, 2 Corinthians 5:21. Christ was not confused thinking the Father had abandoned Him. He was crying this as a man of sin cut off from God. This is what every person that is not saved is crying from hell continually. The cost of our salvation is that Christ Jesus was cut off from the Godhead, the Father and the Holy Spirit.
In Philippians 2:5-8, we read that Christ put off His form as God and put on the form of man and then humbled Himself in the form of sinful man to suffer the death of sin. Imagine being cut off from your loved ones. In Psalm 22:1-2, this is the cost of our salvation. In Psalm 22:13, we see the price of salvation as the demons bite and tear His body. They did this in the scourging that Jesus took from the Romans. The mental torment that He goes through is represented in the crown of thorns and the humiliation of the mocking He endured for our salvation, Hebrews 12:2.
Next, the LORD took us to Isaiah 53:5 where we learned Jesus’ free gift came to us at the cost of Him being wounded by the scourging, the nails and the spear. The cost of our free gift was the bruising Jesus took in the beatings for our iniquities. He was bound and punished for our peace with God and last of all He was whipped, scourged with many strips to heal us of our sin sickness, “By His stripes we are healed.” This is what we need to meditate on continually that we will consider the free gift of salvation we have as holy and not lose sight of this and take our salvation as something insignificant.

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