October 7th, 2012 ~ John 19:38-42

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Last week the LORD spoke to us from John 19:38-42. In this scripture we see two disciples, Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus. Both were Pharisees of the religious party that counted the scripture to be without error but also believed the Talmud. The Talmud was the oral transmission of God’s Law given the Elders, fathers and the Rabbinical writings of the what they reported. Both of these men were members of Israel’s religious court called the Sanhedrin, something like our congress, having councilors representing each city or district. Both had been secretive about their belief that Jesus was the Messiah because the Chief rulers had declared that anyone that believed in Christ Jesus would be put out of the temple. This reminds me that all around the world there are many disciples in the same situation and worse, in Iran, Sudan, many other Muslin nations, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many parts of India and North Korea. As I look at these two disciples taking the body of Jesus to bury Him, the Spirit of the LORD brings to my remembrance what Jesus said in John 12:24, “unless a corn of wheat fall into the earth and die it abides alone.”
Here we see the dead body of Jesus, that Joseph of Arimathaea has gone boldly to Pilate to ask for, being taken to be put it into his own newly prepared tomb. Just as a seed corn is planted and becomes a stalk of many seeds of corn the body of Jesus will be buried but will rise and become Christ like people called Christians. But, it must be planted. These two disciples risked their lives and their livelihood to bury Jesus. The LORD speaks to me that each Christians carries the body of Christ Jesus that must be buried into the ground or heart of every soul in the world Mark 16:15.
The LORD had us look at Luke 8:4-15 which is the parable of the sower, planter. In this parable we are the sowers and the seed is the gospel we are to sow or plant into the heart of everyone. Some will have hearts that will not receive. Some will appear to receive with joy but will not take the Gospel story and study it to cause it to take root. Some will receive it, but will soon forget it as they are more concerned about riches, pleasures and the cares of this world. But, there will be some that have hearts that are looking for Christ Jesus and they will receive the seed planted into their hearts by a disciple and become a new creation, II Corinthians 5:17, a resurrection from a life of sin to a life of righteousness.
We are the sowers of the Gospel. The life and death of Jesus is the seed. There are a great many with hearts that are good ground that are waiting for the seed, the Gospel that only we as disciples have. Let’s be like these

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