October 14th, 2012 ~ John 20:1-18

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The LORD spoke to us from John 20:1-18 on three specific thoughts from His heart. First in verses 1-7 the LORD wanted us to think on something that we might have not considered in all the facts of the gospel. The open/empty grave is extremely important because there is no rational explanation as to how the grave was opened and the body of Jesus was supposedly taken. The seal had been put on the grave and the detachment of armed guards were placed there to stop this very thing. There were some explanations but they all break down when considering the evidence. We looked at the action of the Jews to try to cover up this, Matthew 28:11-15. Even today if you look on Jewish web sites they will still be saying what the Jews had devised that the guards had fallen asleep. This argument is beyond belief. The whole attachment, estimated to be at least twenty men, would have had to fall asleep when there was a penalty of death for doing so. Also, the possibility of the disciples overwhelming the guard and/or rolling the stone away without waking the guard is beyond belief.
The reason this is important is because as we are entering into the time of apostasy, the great deception and turning away from the truth, where Jesus said, “if it were possible the very elect might be deceived.” In II Thessalonians 2:10-12, we see that there will be a time of great deception and delusion that will come. This time is now, we must have powerful evidence to secure our faith that we will endure until the end.
Second the LORD spoke to us from verse nine pointing out that His disciples were not aware of the scriptures that spoke of the resurrection even though we can look at the numerous times He had told them and pointed to the old testament scriptures. From this point, the LORD speaks to us as disciples. He implores us to have ears and use them to hear. As we enter this time of great deception and delusion will it be said of you that you were not aware of the scriptures? The LORD calls us to “study, hear and listen with the ears that we have, II Timothy 2:10.

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