November 4th, 2012 ~ John 20:26-31

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The lord spoke to us from John 20:26-31 addressing first the account of the apostle Thomas missing the first Sunday assembly, verse 19. In verse 26 we begin with “after eight days again” which would be one week or the next Sunday Jesus appeared again to meet with the disciples. This time the apostle Thomas was there and the first thing that Jesus spoke to was the fact that Thomas was not in the assembly. The fact that Jesus waited till the next Sunday was that He was establishing the day of assembly for the new covenant Church. Jesus spoke to Thomas about his absence from the meeting. Missing the weekly assembly causes you to miss the manifestation of Christ to minister to His children; we also miss the evidence of the resurrection that we continually need to keep our faith up. Imagine if a husband never meet with his wife or a father with his children. There would be no relationship; no acknowledging that the wife had a husband or the children had a father. Also, there would be no assurance of peace with God, no learning of our purpose and mandate. These are the most important matters of the life of a disciple.
The LORD explained to us that when He was saying, “Reach here with thy finger,” and touch here where the nails were and the sword went in and be not faithless. In this the LORD was telling us that He is always aware of what we are doing though. We are not always aware of Him. When we have not been with Him we have no fear or reverence of Him and we go our own way. When we are in His presence or have been in His presence, we are careful to act and do what He does, Daniel 10:9, Matthew 7:1-6 and Proverbs 16:6.
When the apostle Thomas saw the LORD and experienced Him, he cried out from his soul, “My Lord and my God.” Thomas realized his error and repented. The LORD declared to us the absolute meaning of His heart about the Sunday assembly. It is what the LORD wants all Christians to know that He wants all to come, saint and sinner alike to hear the gospel preached because He is manifested and the sinner will behold and cry out He is surly in this place 1 Corinthians 14:25. The saint will be strengthen and empowered to live the life of His witness, His servant.
Last of all, we learned from Him in verse 31 that the Word of God is given to be preached, declared to every age, down through the centuries to this very day. We need to be at the assembly of the LORD to hear the Word of God proclaimed by the anointing that is given to the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher to edify the saints and to save the sinners.

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