November 11th, 2012 ~ John 21:1-25

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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from the last chapter of John, chapter 21. I was led of the LORD in December of 2010 to begin preaching through the gospel of John. I had said, “LORD I have read and studied this so much and the people had heard preaching by me and other preachers from this gospel so much it would be nothing new”. My arguments with the LORD were to no avail. I must say that I learned a new level and understanding of the work of God in Jesus Christ, my own salvation and calling into the ministry of Christ through this most wonderful gospel the “Book of John.”
Now let us review what the LORD said to us last week. He spoke to us first from verse three, the event of Peter and other disciples going fishing. What was wrong with this picture? There is nothing wrong with fishing if that is what the LORD has told you to do. But, this happened right after Jesus had revealed Himself to the disciples and given them the new birth of the Holy Spirit and commissioned them to the ministry of doing what the Father had sent Him into the world to accomplish. They were commissioned to carry on the Ministry that Jesus had begun. He told them in Luke 24:49 that they were to wait in Jerusalem to receive that power of God in the Holy Spirit that would enable them to minister the gospel as He had. They did not wait. They left the Upper Room and went out of Jerusalem to the Sea of Tiberius in Galilee a good distance from Jerusalem.
Jesus had told them to wait but they left to do their own thing and forgot about doing God’s thing the spreading of the gospel. In this the LORD spoke to us about being out of place, out of God’s place, in His will and in His Word. Most of the time Christians don’t know what God’s NOW word is for them. As the Word of God says, “acknowledge Him in all your ways” but we often don’t ask Him. In this we commit the sin of presumption, Psalm 19:13.
The LORD calls us to come to Him in the morning as we begin our day, Psalm 5:1-8, to get His agenda for the day. We are like the disciples. We get up and do what we want to do. We are not available at the place the LORD has called us to be to receive the power needed to accomplish the task of our life for Christ Jesus. This is why we seem to live powerless lives because of our disobedience to the command of our LORD. Do we believe that Jesus is our LORD and Savior? If we say yes, then we need to be obedient to our Master and “WAIT” in prayer in the morning.
Next, in verse four we find that the disciples did not have any fish after fishing all night because they were out of place out of obedience. Jesus told them to cast the net on the other side and believe His Word. They obeyed and caught a huge catch. Is there any question in your mind what Jesus is saying to us? What will happen if we start “Waiting” in obedience for His Word instead of taking off because of the words of someone else?
The last point was Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him more than these, meaning the fish. Each time Peter said, “Yes.” We have heard many sermons on the three meanings of love but the LORD spoke to us that He hears all the time that we love Him but look at what Jesus said in John 14:23.

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