Matthew 28:1-10 ~ April 24, 2011 (Easter Sunday)

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We celebrated the Resurrection of the LORD, we saw the fruit of the LORD’s death, burial and resurrection as members were baptized and one who had been a believer, became a receiver by hearing the gospel preached and received faith and Jesus Christ as her personal savior and LORD.  What a wonderful day it was and what a wonderful message from the LORD as He expounded His heart to us. 

He, through His Word, spoke to us about the fact that we as humans have a tendency to allow things of great value to slip away in our minds. We put the knowledge of them into our memory like valuable items that we hideaway in a safe and only look at once in a while.  In the safe they get dusty and are only distant memories and have not much power on our lives.  The LORD declared to us that the reality and truth of the Resurrection should have a daily power upon us. It is the foundation of who we are.  Today, the truth of the crucifixion and the resurrection are under attack. Many are being carried away because the truth of resurrection is not a daily reality in their lives.

The LORD first spoke to us of the crucifixion and brought out many proofs of what the Bible clearly shows. These truths can be proven by the writings of those that were disciples of the Apostles. They heard firsthand accounts of what had happened.  Also, there were Jewish historians and accounts from the commentaries of the Rabbi called the Talmud.  Also, there is the miraculous survival of the New Testament. It has been under attack for two thousand years. There were even burnings by the Roman Catholic Church.

The LORD gave me 7 specific evidences of the resurrection. I was unable to address them all due to time.  They were; the empty tomb, the change of worship of the young Christian Church (that was mostly Jewish) from Sabbath to Sunday, the celebration of Passover changed to the celebration of Easter, the Passover Seder dinner changed to the LORD’s Supper, the change of the Church from Judaism, the message of the Gospel of the martyred Apostles and the conversion of Saul the persecutor to Paul the Apostle.

The LORD spoke to us from Romans 5:10 about what we would not have had there not been a resurrection.  The last part of the verse declares "We shall be saved by His Life."  Though Jesus took our sins away on the cross we still live in these sinful bodies. Romans 7 declares the, "sin dwells in us". Sin is in our bodies of flesh.  Every day we sin. We don’t want to but sin is involuntary. It is the fallen nature that we were born into. It is not us but is of Adam.  If Jesus had not risen from the dead and ascended into heaven to sit as our High Priest Hebrews 4:14-16 we could not confess our sins and be forgiven. If not forgiven, we would not be able to enter into heaven.  If Jesus had not risen from the dead, we could not be Born Again and receive His Holy Spirit and be converted to enter into Heaven.  If He had not risen to life we would have no faith, for faith comes from Him to us.  We must keep these truths in front of us every day that we would not be deceived.  

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