Matthew 21:1-16 ~ April 17, 2011 (Palm Sunday)

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Let us review what the LORD said.  He took us to Matthew’s Gospel and to his account of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as He comes to be the sacrifice that will bring salvation and restoration to all. 

The first point was that He came to be the sacrifice as the Scripture declared in Psalm 118:26-27. He is the sacrifice that came and was bound with nails and placed on God’s altar the cross.  He said to us through Luke 19:41-44 that He comes with salvation, deliverance and restoration even now, every day but do we know?  Do we know that it is our time to be saved, healed and delivered?  This is hidden from our eyes by religion, by the world like the thorns that choke out the seed (Revelation) of God’s Grace to us Luke 8:7.  The LORD spoke to our hearts to look and see. 
Next the LORD spoke to us from the imagery of Him entering into the temple vss. 12-14.  He said His house was to be a house of prayer but instead it was a den of thieves filled with the blind, lame and the deceivers i.e. thieves. 

The LORD then spoke to us that we are His temple and we are the thieves that steal the glory of God by continuing to practice deception with each other because of our own selfishness.  We are the lame having a shallow walk in the LORD and a shallow walk in His Word, if at all. We are blind to what is happening to us, our family and friends because of the sin in our lives.  But He comes to His temple 1Corinthians 6:19. He does not come to condemn but to heal and deliver us.  He comes every day to keep His temple holy.  He calls us to receive Him every day with the attitude of Hosanna as we come to Him in prayer and study of His Word so that we can walk according to it and not according to the world. 
Last of all He calls us to see that prayer, bible study and worship attendance are the time of salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration. Do not to look at these as the Pharisees looked at Jesus as He came with the Grace of God.  The LORD has grace for us every day let us receive it for it is better than silver and gold.

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