Matthew 2:1-18 ~ December 25, 2011

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The picture that the Lord painted for us of the wise men, translated from the Greek "Magoi" or Magi, who were searching for the King. We know that the Magi came from the east. This meant they were most likely Gentiles (not Jews). The east would most likely be Persia.It was the ancient Babylonian and Persian empire where Daniel the prophet was named "Rab-mag" which is translated "Chief of the Magi". Daniel was the only prophet to use the word “Messiah”. These Magi were not astrologers, sorcerers, or soothsayers like many secular sources would have you believe. These Magi in Matthew chapter 2 were coming to worship Jesus as King. They had a heart for God, and God acknowledged them as such! They were not following a star map using astrology. They were following the leading of the Father God. Jesus said in Matthew 16:13-18 and John 6:44, 45 that it is the Father God that reveals who Jesus is, the Christ, and that nobody can come to Him unless the Father draws them. The Magi were only acting upon the word of revelation that they had received from the Father God. They were obedient to that word, saw the sign that the Father had given them to follow the light, and sold all and packed up on a long journey to find Him.That meant they had to FORSAKE ALL to begin this journey to find the Messiah. If they tried to carry their junk with them, it would have weighed them down and held them back. Finally, when they found the child Jesus, they bowed down and worshiped Him. They presented the gifts and laid them at Jesus' feet. They sold all they had and purchased gifts worthy to offer Him. One gift was gold. The gold represented that they acknowledged Him as KING! That mean He had to first be a king in their hearts! They gave Him frankincense. This represents the fragrance of prayer before God. Prayer is the vital key to relationship as it is where we share our heart with God and He shares His with us. It is a sweet smelling relationship before Him. The third and final gift was Myrrh. This was used in embalming ointments for burial preparation. This represented that these Magi acknowledged that He, their King, was to die for them. They gave what was in their heart as Mary Magdalene did when she realized He would die for her. These Magi sold all, forsook all, denied self and gave the treasures of their heart to worship One King.

Jesus said, "where your heart is, there will your treasure be also."

Today will you follow the sign that the Father has given you and acknowledge Jesus Christ as King? Are you willing to forsake all to begin a sweet relationship with Him? Will you receive what He did on the cross as payment for your sins? Will you begin a life-long journey of worshiping the One true God today?

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