John 9:26-41 ~ October 2, 2011

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     We have been seeing in John 9, Jesus has been in under attack by the religious leaders of the Jews.  Jesus has healed a blind man on the Sabbath.  The purpose of Sabbath is to give rest to the weary in sin but the leaders only want to fulfill the religious ritual.  This is the point of the debate.  In verses 26-38, Jesus communicates to us that “Religion leaves us out of the Kingdom of God, but He came for us.   The purpose of religion was to point us to God and Messiah and to teach us to live by His ways.  Religion has become a form seeking to fulfill its own purpose of going through the rituals.  Jesus declared to us that He came to seek and save that which was lost, Luke 19:10.  We were lost to the great kidnapper, the devil, and lost to religion that had stolen us for itself.  Jesus did not go to religion but out in the towns and villages preaching the “Good News” that salvation from the life of sin was here.  As He went, He saw that the people were weary and scattered and fainted, Matthew 9:35-36.  He came as our Shepherd, Psalm 23, and to give us shepherds, Jeremiah 23:1-4.  He came for all that are called by the teachings of God the Father through the people of God John 6:45, through the parents Deuteronomy 6:6-9, by the Holy Spirit in the Church, Ephesians 4:17-21, from Scripture Matthew 11:28-20, and by the faith that comes from the Father 2 Corinthians 4:3-6. 

      In verses 35-38, we saw that the man that was blind but now healed became a worshipper.  Jesus revealed to him that He was the Son of God, the Messiah, and the man became a worshipper.  The word worshipper in the Greek means “A Temple-keeper.”  In this, the LORD speaks to us again of being in relationship with Him.  Remember, “Salvation is not in a prayer.  It is in a relationship that begins with a prayer.”  The LORD calls us to be worshippers in relationship with Him the Temple of the living God.  Temple-keepers live a life of keeping His Word and living with Him being aware of Him throughout our daily life.  They worship Him always by reverencing His commandments, obeying His Word, walking with Him who is the Light of righteousness John 8:12.  They sit at His feet learning of Him Mark 5:15, 18-20.  Are we there?  He calls us to this.

      Last, in verses 39-41,  Jesus says to these religious leaders that He has come into this world that is blind from sin to open our eyes by the Light of His righteous Life.  He says all that receive Him and see are saved but all that see that He is God’s Messiah and say they see and don’t need Him will be made blind.  We were blind but He came and we see.  The religious leaders were blind and He came but they said that they see even though they were blind living in sin and did not receive Him.  Jesus said their sin remains while our sin is removed.  This is a message for all of us.  Many people say they see Jesus.  Many believe in Jesus but they do not see that they are saved by what He did on the cross and in the resurrection and receive Him.  Therefore though they believe in Jesus they are not saved from their sins.  They do not receive what He did for them.  They do not trust in Him for the salvation.  They believe they must do it by their religious works.

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