John 9:1-12 ~ September 25, 2011

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     As we review last week’s message, remember we are not listening to a sermon prepared by man.  Through the anointing of God, the LORD speaks to us from His Word to train us and prepare us for the ministry of the Gospel.  We are to carry this gospel to those that the LORD died on the cross to redeem.

      The LORD spoke in verse 1 of the term “passed by.”  We learned this term means “To lead by so as to see and learn.”  Jesus wanted the disciples to see this man who was born blind so that they would ask and He could teach them the truth of the LORD.  The LORD spoke to us that this can only happen in a relationship of salvation.  If you are not in a relationship, the LORD cannot teach you the truth.  We looked at John 8:30-32 where Jesus tells us that if we continue, meaning to walk with Him in His commandments and teachings, we are truly His disciples.  If we are truly His disciples, we will know the truth because we are walking with Him in a relationship of teacher and disciple.  If we know the truth we will be free, free the deception of sin to death and destruction.  In this relationship of salvation Jesus brings the disciples then and now to know to come and look at this blind man and learn the truth about his condition and the way and will of the LORD. 

      In verses 3-5, we see the question the disciples asked.  Jesus wanted them to ask this so He could tell them the truth.  The question, “Who sinned this man or his parents that this man was born blind?”  Jesus answered this question in the Greek/ Aramaic which has no punctuation.  The way Jesus’ answer is given with the modern punctuation seems to suggest that God let him be born blind so that He could come along many years later and heal Him.  This is not consistent with the mind, understanding and character of God found in the whole of Scripture.  Also, the man born blind could not have sinned in the womb.  If we change the punctuation to line up with the heart and mind of the LORD it reads “Neither This Man Sinned, Nor His Parents.  But That The Works Of God Should Be Manifested In Him, I Must Work The Works Of Him That Sent Me.”

      In verse 6-7, we see Jesus anointed the blind man and gave him specific instructions to follow that he would be healed.  In this the LORD spoke to us that He has already anointed us to salvation but we must follow the specific instructions of His Word to receive His deliverance, healing and inheritance into the Kingdom of God.  Many people pray to receive Christ but never follow His Word, never enter into that relationship with Jesus.  Remember “Salvation is not in a prayer but in a relationship walk that begins with a prayer.”  No relationship in His Word equals no salvation. 

      In verses 8-11, we saw the witness of a relationship in the healing of the blind man and we see the testimony of the relationship with Jesus as the man could see.  Remember what Jesus said in John 8:30-32.  The man then declared what God had done to him.  This is what will happen when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ our savior.  We will see and tell.

      In verse 12, when the people see what is done in our lives we need to be able to declare who has healed our lives with salvation.  Check out this scripture, Philemon 4-6 and see.

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