John 8:47-59 ~ September 18th, 2011

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     As we continue in the 8thchapter of John, we want to remember that Jesus is in a spiritual conflict with the religious leadership of Judaism.  Jesus has been speaking the truth of the Word which was the problem because the Word of God did not line up with the religious teachings.  As we pick up the debate Jesus declares in verses 47-48 that those who are of God hear God’s Word and since they do not hear the Word of God that He has been speaking they are obviously not of God.  The LORD wanted us to examine our own lives to see if we Hear God’s Word.  Do we hear Him within our soul speaking in agreement with the written Word and do we hear the Word as we read it.  Does the written Word of God speak to us?  If it does not, the LORD pleads with us by His Spirit and through His servant to enter into a relationship with Him.  If you are in a relationship with Him, you will be hearing and speaking with Him daily as you go through the situations of the day being led by His Spirit within you.

      In the next point from verses 49-50, Jesus declares that He honors the Father because He speaks the Word of His Father.  He does not speak to honor Himself, but they do dishonor Him and they dishonor the Word of the Father by not receiving what He is saying.  In this the LORD spoke to us about honoring God our Father our Savior and His Spirit that is within us.  Everyday our lives represent either the LORD or ourselves which in reality is the devil, the fallen nature.  Do we honor the LORD in our speech, dress, appearance, eating and  business?  This is a very important question because it finds out if we are in a relationship or not.  If we are in a relationship with the LORD we are aware of His presence with us and follow Him in our actions.  If, on the other hand, we are not aware of His presence we are aware and conscious of our flesh, our fallen nature and not in relationship with the LORD.  This is why the LORD has given us the statement “Salvation is not in a prayer.  Salvation is in a relationship that begins with a prayer.” As long as we are in that relationship the LORD He will convict us when we are not honoring Him and His Word, then He will hear our confession and forgive us, 1 John 1:9.  Then we will continue in salvation.  If we are not in a relationship with Him, we will not hear Him when He speaks to convict us and we not be in salvation because we do not confess and He does not forgive and cleanse us.  Does this mean that one can lose their salvation?  Absolutely not.  It means that the person does not have true salvation in a relationship with Jesus.  It shows that they have only followed religion in a prayer but did not follow Jesus in a relationship.

     Last we considered verses 51-59.  In verse 51, we found the word “Keep.”” If we keep” refers to a relationship.  If we have a relationship with Jesus we have eternal life.  The last point was in verse 55. Jesus talks about “knowing” God the Father.  Knowing means once again a relationship.  We see that salvation is in a relationship that begins with a prayer and continues as Psalm 23 states.

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