John 8:39:47 ~ September 4th, 2011

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As disciples of the LORD Jesus Christ let’s review what He said last Sunday in the message of the LORD Jn.8:39-47. As we read from the Vs.39 the LORD wanted us to know who Abraham was, what his works were and who his children are. From Genesis we learn that Abraham was possibly the most important man to establishment of the people of God. He was born in a time after the flood that the population had once again returned to the wickedness of that which was before the flood. Once again God was removed from the mind of man and they had disintegrated from the consciousness of the knowledge of God to where all they remembered was that there was a flood. During this time God had a plan to redeem the earth from the hand of satan. His plan needed a man, one that would believe Him and obey Him 2 Chronicles 16:9 say’s, the eyes of the LORD search the earth for hearts that are loyal to Him that He may show Himself strong through them. The LORD found Abraham and told him to leave his father’s house and life and to come to land that he knew not and he would make of him a people that would bring forth the blessing of the whole earth, the Messiah, the savior of the world. Through this Messiah/Savior the LORD would redeem the people of His creation that the devil had kidnapped from Him in the Garden. By this through Abraham God would get a people with a land and a king who would bring forth the knowledge of God in the earth and the Messiah/Savior that would save mankind and deliver them from hell. Next, what did Abraham do? He obeyed God and everywhere he went he built altars to worship the one true God that only he knew. He would gather the people wherever he built these altars and sacrifice a lamb that represented the coming sacrifice of the Messiah/Savior and tell them all the things that God had said to him and what was to come. The LORD spoke to us that this is what we are to be doing. God is still looking every day for those hearts that are loyal toward Him that He might show Himself strong through them. He wants to do the same thing through each one of us who are disciples, in our own lives, in our families and communities. Next in vs.40 He spoke to us about the people that are in the world that want to get rid of the idea of Jesus Christ. They have a vain imagination Ps.2:1-3 that they can break the bands of the morals and values of Christianity and the Bible, they want to cut the cords of the doctrines of Christ and live by their own mind and thinking. The LORD asked us to look around and see the great ignorance of the Bible and the teachings of Christ Jesus. The names of Jesus and God have become just a word for swearing, the knowledge of God is long gone from the consciousness of society. This is because the Church has not taken Christ to the world but rather spends its time tucked away in the church building. In vss.41, 42 Jesus told the religious "If God were your Father ye would love me." The LORD then asked us the question "Do you love me?" He said love is an easy word to say but He defined it by scripture in Jn.14:23 "If we say we love Him we will keep His commandments, keeping His word means learning, knowing and following it. This was the invitation for all that say they love Him but do not read His word, learn it or follow it.

Pastor Gene

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