John 8:30-47 ~ August 28th, 2011

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Ok disciples, let’s review what the LORD said to us last Sunday in John 8:30-42. First, He spoke from verses 30-32. In these verses He said some very specific things. He said to those that believe, "If" you "Continue" then are you my disciple indeed. The word "Disciple" is used here as the word "Christian." The LORD is saying in this passage, a Christian will continue (follow) in the "Word," (The Bible) the teachings and commandments in the Word of God. To continue you must know what His Word says. To know what His Word says we have to read it daily and let Him speak to us, individually and on Sunday as His family, His people. The LORD called us to be those that continue in His teachings from the Bible and in preaching.

In verse 33, the Jewish leaders were saying that they were in slavery to sin because they were Jewish, the decedents. The LORD revealed that this is what many that call themselves Christians say. They are saved because of the church they attend or the denomination they belong to or because they have a grandfather or uncle that is a preacher or deacon. These things do not make us saved. Many who hold this thinking will wind up in hell because they trusted in these things and did not trust in Jesus as their personal LORD and Savior.

In verse 34, the LORD declared that those that live in sin have a Lord that is not Jesus but are servants to the spirit of sin. They think it is normal life because they have always lived that way and it is the way most people live. But, they do not know the truth (vs.32.)

The LORD spoke to us of what happened in the Garden of Eden. It was there that the spirit of the devil disguised as a serpent deceived Eve and Adam into following him in his life principals instead of following the LORD and His life principals. Before that, Adam and Eve had a spirit to Spirit relationship with the LORD. When they followed the devil, they entered into a spirit to spirit relationship following the devil’s life principals of sin. Do you see the difference between a spirit to spirit relationship and a spirit to Spirit relationship? The difference is life principals.

The Bible says that they that worship God must worship Him in Spirit and truth John 4:24. The truth is living by His life principals of the Bible, the Word of God. A spirit to spirit relationship is a relationship with the devil who hides and disguises his voice as yours, speaking as a spirit to your spirit as he spoke to Eve to deceive her. As mankind moved away from the Garden of Eden, the knowledge of a spirit to Spirit relationship was lost, leaving mankind with only a spirit to spirit relationship. This is why Jesus said if you are His disciples you will be free of slavery to the flesh and sin because He came to give us once again a spirit to Spirit relationship. This is being born of the Spirit, being Born Again.

Do you have that spirit to Spirit relationship as Adam did before they fell into sin by following the devil? Many people in religion and church sadly have and they refuse to give themselves to receive (John 1:12) the LORD Jesus as their savior. I pray that you will examine yourself 2 Corinthians 13:5 and know the LORD Jesus in a spirit to Spirit relationship. If you aren’t sure ask me or Pastor Michael. We will help you to know.

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