John 8:13-32 ~ July 21st, 2011

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Last week the LORD spoke to us through His Word in John 8:13-32.  In these verses He showed us the reality of the term “having a form of godliness”, 2 Timothy 3:1-5.  Here the Holy Spirit speaks of many who are called Christian in churches having a form of godliness (religion) but deny the power of God.  In John 8:13-32 we see the Jewish leaders displaying the “Form of godliness” actually denying the power of God, Jesus Christ, to save.  The Form of religion just follows the rituals that God gave to the descendants of Abraham to reveal their Savior and to have faith that He would come and deliver them.  These leaders were not looking for the Savior to come as the scriptures declared, Isaiah 53.  They had faith in the rituals and not in the coming Messiah where the rituals pointed.  Jesus told them this in John 5:39-40.  In John 8 we see Jesus dealing with these that are “Denying the Power of God”, Jesus the Messiah.  The LORD then said that the churches of Jesus are filled with these same souls today who have only the form.    

The LORD gave me Matthew 25:1-13 to illustrate this point but because of time I was unable to take us to it.  I want to tell you now.  In Matthew 25:1 the LORD declares a parable to show how the Kingdom of God is viewed from His perspective.  He sees the Kingdom as 10 virgins.  Ten is the number of completeness.  Each of these virgins has a lamp which represents the witness of their life.  Five of them have “Oil” in their vessels with their lamps representing the Holy Spirit and five of them have no “Oil” in their vessels only a the form of a lamp.  All ten represent those that want to be with Jesus in heaven.  The parable shows that when Jesus, the bridegroom, comes for His bride, only those that have the light of the Holy Spirit are able to overcome the darkness and go out to meet Him. 

This light is the Life of Jesus that we receive from Him when we receive Him as our savior.  This is the power of God unto salvation.  Jesus says to these that questioned Him, that have no light of revelation, that He is the savior, Messiah.  If you deny me you will die in your sin, John 8:24.  In other words those that reject Jesus as savior and trust in their good works in the form of religion will die in hell because those good works in the form of religion did not save them from the punishment of their sin.  In John 8:28 the Lord told them that when they crucify Him they will know that He is the Messiah because He will rise from death and give the life of His Holy Spirit unto mankind and this will bring forth the greatest assembly of mankind in the world, the Church of Jesus.  This is the power of God that those of the form, those who do not have the Holy Spirit, the power of the risen resurrected Jesus Christ, deny.  In verses 31-32 Jesus gives a challenge to all that believe, “If you continue”, then you are truly my disciples.  The benefit of discipleship is you will know the truth.  The benefit of the truth from Jesus is it will set you free from the power of sin by the power of God, Jesus Christ.  You don’t want to deny that power. 

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