John 8:1-13 ~ Aug 14th, 2011

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I am so happy that I have the privilege of being the Pastor of a group of people that want to be disciples of the LORD Jesus Christ; it makes my job as a disciple maker easier.  Let’s review what the LORD spoke to us last Sunday.  In Jn.8:1, 2 the LORD spoke to us about assembling together in what we call the Church service.  As the LORD came into the temple of God in the day of celebration the people that were seeking God came and sat down to listen to Him teach.  It is the LORD that has made Sunday the day of celebration of the Resurrection; the day that we celebrate the power that was released into the world, grace that was given to become the children of God.  It is the LORD Jesus that has made the Church Matt.16:18 and is building the temple of God by His Spirit Eph.2:19-22.  Each Sunday is the day of the celebration of the grace of God that was given us and it is the day all around the world that the LORD enters into His Church and sits down to teach us.  In this the LORD speaks to us of the reality that all those that are seeking God will come and sit down and listen.  Can you imagine how He feels about those that are occupied with doing other things and don’t come Matt.22:2-9?  I know in my own spiritual journey I could not imagine missing Sunday worship because I knew the LORD was there.  Next in Jn.8:3-5 the LORD showed us through the story of elders bringing the woman caught in the act of adultery what it is like to have a relationship with the Law verses having a relationship with the LORD Jesus.  We all are sinners as this woman was, according to the Law we are worthy of death for our sins Rom.3:23 states, but when we have a relationship with Jesus there is mercy and forgiveness.  In vs.11 we see that when Jesus asked her where her accusers were she replies “No man Lord,” this word Lord is kurios, in the Greek which would be translated Adoniah in Hebrew meaning “My Lord is God.”  In this she professes and acknowledges Jesus as God and takes Him or has taken Him as her savior, she has a relationship with Jesus.  She is in a relationship of Grace and mercy with Jesus and not in a relationship with the Law of sin and death.  This is what the LORD is calling with all His heart to all who will hear.  We are all sinners as this woman, maybe we do not have the sin that she has but sin is sin.  But we can have a relationship of mercy with a savior that has provided us grace through the cross and resurrection.  In this relationship we are given the power of the Spirit of God to change from a life of sin to a life of holiness, it is not immediate but as we walk in relationship, the LORD restores our soul, Ps.23:3, by repentance and confession 1Jn.1:9 and gives us mercy and grace Heb.4:14-16.  The last point is in Jn.8:12 the LORD promises us that if we walk with Him we will not walk in darkness.  This is a walk of relationship when you are in relationship with Jesus you will be in prayer every day, in Church every time there is teaching and preaching and you will be in Bible study every day to hear what your LORD your Lord tells you.

Pastor Gene   

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