John 7:37-53 ~ Aug 7th, 2011

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Let’s remember the Message of the LORD that He spoke to us last week through His Word in the Gospel of John 7:37-53.  In this chapter we have learned so much of what the LORD was saying to those He was speaking with, to those of His Church that He has been speaking to down through the centuries and now to us.  From this chapter the LORD set my thinking and solidified the theme of my preaching till Jesus comes or I go to Him.  That theme is “Salvation is not in a prayer salvation is in a relationship that begins in a prayer.”

The LORD first said from the assembly He was calling everyone that believed in Him to everyone around the world down through history that assembled to Him.  It is important to understand that Jesus speaks from the assembly that He has ordained which we call church.  His Words are Life and Health Pr.4:20-22 and the LORD call’s us to His meeting to speak to us.  People who have a relationship with the LORD come to church and assemble to seek him and hear Him that they may know how they are to go.  The LORD showed us by scripture that we were to have a relationship with Him by the spirit Jn.4:24, we are to cut away the flesh religious form and be with Him in a spirit to Spirit relationship.  The Lord is Spirit and He created us a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.  Most people have only a flesh religion to Spirit relationship.  When we have that kind of a relationship we are missing hearing the LORD like Job in vss. 42:3-6 the LORD is calling for His Church to have a spirit to Spirit relationship.  The LORD said all who come to Him He would give “Rivers of Living water” flowing out of our “Belly.”  The Belly is a spiritual way of saying out of our inner most being, meaning the spirit.  In vs.39 the LORD explains this saying this means He will give us His Spirit.  This is what the LORD desires; this is why Jesus came and went to the cross to take our sins so we could have His Spirit that we may have a spiritual relationship with Him.  He gives us His Spirit in our spirit and we are “Born Again” or born of the Spirit.  Then there is a merging of our spirit and His Spirit and we become one 1Cor.6:17.  Then with His Spirit we begin to overpower our soul to bring our thinking in line with the Word of the LORD.  As our soul is overpowered our thinking changes and our body changes and we live by the Word of the LORD.  Also as the Spirit continues to flow out of us our witness changes and our lost family members, neighbors and acquaintances are touched by the River of the Spirit of God flowing out of us.  The LORD gave us the illustration of this in a parable in Matt.13:33 where we saw the action of the Spirit of God as I have explained above revealed.  The Spirit of God is like leaven in baking it releases power and overpowers the spirit, soul and flesh, the three measures in the parable, until the whole is leavened.  The LORD said this is what He came for that we would be filled with His Spirit.  In Jn.1:12 the Word of God says to those that receive Jesus Christ as savior He would give power, this is the Spirit of God within our spirit.  Hear the Word of LORD and come and receive His power.

Pastor Gene

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