John 7:25-34 ~ July 31st, 2011

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Let’s review the Message of the LORD that He spoke to us from John 7:25-34 in last week’s service.  The first thing that He pointed out from vs.25 was the ever present potential of the antichrist’s vain idea Ps.2:1-3.  This scripture prophesies of the reality that there is a conspiracy among the leaders and people of nations of the world to get rid of the morals and values of the principals of God and His Messiah, and saints, the Church, that keep society from being barbaric.  Can you imagine a world without the morals and values that are founded in the Bible, in the Ten Commandments?  Suppose a world without sexual morality, your children would not be safe or have protection, suppose a world without the moral of “Thou shalt not steal.”  Suppose “Thou shalt not covet or lust” after what belongs to your neighbors, even imagine no moral about killing or murder, people just walking around killing each other because they don’t like them or want what they have, imagine these not being in our moral and value, lusting and stealing would be the norm along with war and killing to protect what belongs to you.  In Ps2:1-3 the “Vain Idea” spoken of there is the cutting the cords and breaking the bands of these morals and values, this is happening today because we have a antichrist government that have killed the idea’s of morals and values that come from the teaching of Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible.  The next thing that He spoke to us of was from verse 27.  Using this verse the LORD spoke to us about the mystery of the New Birth.  In this verse they thought Jesus came from Nazareth where there was no prophecy of Messiah, they did not know that Mary and Joseph went by the leading of the LORD to Bethlehem, the place of the tribe of David.  Both Joseph and Mary were of the tribe of David from which Messiah would come.  Bethlehem was the place of the prophecy of the birth of Messiah Micah 5:2, so Jesus was born in the right place from the right lineage.  In this the LORD spoke to us the saints who have received Christ Jesus as savior and LORD who are born in a place that the world, our family, friends and acquaintances do not know.  They think we are just like them born of this world with the nature of this world but as the LORD spoke to us we are “Not of this world” Jn.18:36, we “Have been translated into the kingdom of His dear Son, Jesus,” Col.1:13, we are “A new creation old things are passed away, behold all things are becoming new” 2Cor.5:17.  The LORD wanted us to know this.  Many Christians think they are of this world, when we stop identifying with this world and start identifying with what the Word of God says about us we will become what we look at, identify with, Pr.23:7, the LORD exhorts us to identify with His Word, with Him.  In verse 28, 29 the LORD spoke to the audience that they all know Him as these in the bible did.  In the Jn.1:9 the Word of God says that He lights all that are born in the world.  In Jn.3:19-21 He said His light or the revelation of Him as gone out to ALL, those that will be saved are those that will come to Him but those that reject the light reject the Gospel.  Let us all come to the LIGHT.

Pastor Gene

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