John 7:14-24 ~ July 24th, 2011

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“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it” Hab. 2:2.  As I begin this review of what the LORD said to us last Sunday the Spirit of the LORD gave me this scripture.  What I preach each week is the vision of what the heart of the LORD is for us from His Holy Word.  Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from Jn.7:14-24 His message was a continuation of what He has been speaking to us of which is the “Secret things of the Kingdom of God.”  These things are for those that have Jesus as their LORD and Savior.  The LORD spoke to us of The Mystery of the Proclamation of the Gospel Jn.7:14-16.  The first secret is “You will speak what is not yours” Jn.7:15, 16.  When you are in a personal relationship with Jesus you will be so overwhelmed with Him that you will be like a new grandmother who only talks about her new grandchild.  You will speak the things of His heart as you talk to those that He has suffered and died for that they could be saved from a very real hell.  Your conversation will not be from your heart which the bible in Jer.17:9 is deceitful and desperately wicked but your conversation will be from the heart of the LORD Jesus which is righteous and truly holy and earnestly seeking to save and deliver.  The second secret is “You will speak because God has called” Matt.11:28-30 see Jn.7:17.   When you’re in a personal relationship with Jesus you will have come to Jesus and committed yourself to be with Him and learn.  And the burdens you use to have will be changed because the LORD has taken the greatest part of the struggle.  Now the burden of your heart will be His burden for all of your family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors who are living in the darkness, living by their own mind and site, stumbling through life heading for a disastrous end, He came “To seek and save that which was lost”.  You will be speaking the things of the heart of the LORD to them that you have learned in the committed relationship (Yoke Matt.11:29) that you have with the LORD Jesus.  The third secret is “You will speak of the Glory of God and not of man’s traditions” Jn.7:18-23 see Col.1:25-27 when we have this relationship with the LORD we will be speaking not about us but we will be wanting to tell others about the wonderful “Good News” i.e. the Gospel, the mystery of Christ in us.  We won’t be arguing about some religious rules our whole hope will be getting people saved, healed and delivered from the coming fate of hell and make them ready for the LORD Jesus at His return.
Now as the beginning scripture said I have written the vision of the LORD’s heart down and made it plain let us all read it and take and run our lives with it.  That is what I am going to do.

Pastor Gene

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