John 7:10-19 (pt 2) ~ July 17th 2011

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Do you remember the message of the LORD from last week?  I am afraid to see a show of hands that could tell what the message of the LORD was.  First of all it was THE MESSAGE OF THE LORD not of man not of the preacher it was His message and He called us to come and listen to Him.  But did we listen and let His hearts message to us be forgotten like Jesus said in the parable of the sower of the seed in Matt.13.  He said the first seed fell on the way side meaning in the Greek it fell along side of the heavily traveled way.  People when traveling see things along the way but only notice them and keep on going,  they think what they saw was beautiful or interesting but do not stop to partake or learn from it; it is only a passing fancy as they say.  For to many this is the way many view the Message of the LORD each week, they come and enjoy but do not stop along the way and receive what the LORD wants us to have.  The Message of the LORD last week was a continuation of last week’s Message as He was teaching us the Secret things of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  These things are only for those that have Jesus as their personal LORD and Savior.  They are the secrets of the Eternal Life, I don’t know why these truths are not coveted like a treasure won from “Publishers Clearing House?” 

The LORD spoke last week of the Secret of the Mystery of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit of God found in Jn.14:15-18.  This is something that the lost world cannot see or understand they cannot see the kingdom of God Jn.3:3 because they have not been born of the Spirit of God.  This means the Spirit of God has not come into them and taken up residence Jn.14:23.   In Ps.23 we can see this intimate relationship; The LORD is my (personal) shepherd.  The sheep do not worry about having food and water the shepherd takes care of them, they are comforted by Him.  He keeps them from troubled waters, He leads them is the right paths keeping them from death on the wrong path and when they are walking in the valley of the shadow of death they do not fear because they know that He is right there with them.  This is the way of the Secret of the Mystery of God is iwhen we truly receive Christ Jesus as our Savior He comes into us to be our Shepherd in the ways that Ps.23 describes.  In the world or I should say to the unsaved they have shepherds also.  There shepherds or those they follow are like them, as blind as they are unable to see if the way they are going will end in victory having faith in others like themselves that don’t know for sure but think it to be so, as Pr.14:12 “There is a way that SEEMS right to man but the ends thereof are death.”  To walk or live without having the Spirit of God in Jesus Christ is to walk in darkness committing sin breaking the Laws of God which bring death.  But the LORD has provided for us the way of Eternal Life through a relationship with Him through being Born Again or receiving His Spirit Jn.1:12 and then staying with Him and following Him in this Eternal life that starts now.

Pastor Gene

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