John 7:10-19 ~ July 10, 2011

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     TheLORD spoke to us last Sunday from John 7:10-19.  We first looked back to where we saw the half-brothers of Jesus trying to get Jesus to go to Jerusalem and show off His power, to “Tempt God.” Then we saw in John 7:10 that Jesus went up to Jerusalem in secret.  The message of the LORD was “The Secret Things of the LORD.”  Like the disciples, most people do not understand why Jesus went in secret.  Looking back at much of what the Bible says, you will find that God works in secret, in mystery, as in 1Corinthians 2:7-16, 4:1, Ephesians.3:3-9 and Colossians 1:25-27.  Look at how Christ came to us.  He was born in mystery, in a stable only being announced in secret to the shepherds and to those that searched for the mysteries of God as the wise men.  Jesus was raised in secret.  In his village of Nazareth, no one knew who He was.  He was just the son of the carpenter to them until He was approximately thirty years old and it was time for Him to begin His ministry.  Even today, after two thousand years, Jesus is still a mystery to much of the world though His name and the Bible are famous around the world. 

     Now let us look at what the LORD spoke to us about in this message.  He first took us to Matthew 13:10-16.  There we saw that the disciples asked Him why He only taught in parables or mystery and never spoke plainly to the multitudes that followed Him.  Jesus taught them that He was teaching the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven which were only for those, verses 11-13, that “Hath” or have Him or are searching for Him and hath found Him.  Just like in the Garden of Eden the tree of Life was only for those that had a relationship with the LORD.  When Adam and Eve rebelled against God they were driven out of the Garden so that they could no longer have the Tree of Life.  So Jesus spoke in the mystery of the secret things so that those that sought Him and asked Him then He would teach them the Mysteries of the kingdom of God. 

     The first thing He taught us that sought Him last Sunday was the mystery of the New Birth.   Most people do not know this.  They think to become a Christian you just join the church and get baptized.  They don’t know that the Spirit of God enters into the person that receives Christ as their Savior.  Next, He taught us of the mystery of baptism.  Must people just think it is just a ritual you go through.  They don’t know that we are baptized into Christ by His Spirit 1Corinthians 12:13 and into His death Romans 6:3-6 to have new Life.  A miracle happens when it’s done in faith.  Then, the LORD taught on the mystery of Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Acts 1:8.  The power of the Holy Spirit of God moving in you.  And last He taught on the mystery of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, John 4:15-18.  He will speak more of in the next message.  Let us seek and have Jesus, learn, live and bring others to have Jesus so that they may learn the mysteries of the secret things of the kingdom of God.

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