John 7:1-13 ~ July 3, 2011

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     As disciples, we always want to reflect and meditate on the message of the LORD.  His message came to us from John 7:1-13.  In this passage of scripture we see that this was one of the major festivals in Jerusalem which all men were required to attend.  Jesus’ brothers, who were not believers, were trying to provoke Jesus.  Their words are the words of scoffers saying, “Well if you are who you say you are let’s seeing you prove it.”  Jesus’ answer is what the LORD wants us to understand and learn in our lives.  In John 7:6, Jesus says it is not His time.  There is a time that GOD has for everything Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  Jesus as a man and as Messiah must work in that time frame.  Jesus’ brothers were calling for Him to show off His power.  This would not happen because it would not work even for Jesus.  Everything He did, He did for the purpose salvation and deliverance.  He did it in the time of God the Father.  What Jesus’ brothers were doing was the same that the devil tried to do in Luke 4:9-12.  The LORD told the devil, “Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God,” Tempting the LORD is to do something that you want to do without God’s approval or direction.  The Lord wants to speak to us about this.  The Laws of God are as specific as time and cannot be obverted. 

     The message of the LORD gave us an illustration of the timing chain in a car.  That chain keeps all the pistons, injectors and spark plugs firing at the right time, in the right chamber.  If the timing chain breaks a tooth and misses the proper cycle the result will be a catastrophe to the engine and the car.  In the same way, when we jump out of place by breaking the Laws of God it brings death and destruction. 

     The LORD gave us the illustration of Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus gives the illustration of rain, floods and winds come against our lives.  Only those that do as the Word of the LORD says will stand.  The LORD took us to 1Corinthians 6:9-11 and showed us some things that are tempting God and will not stand.  There are many Christians today that tempt God in fornication, idolatry, adultery, homosexuality, theft, alcoholic, lusting, belligerent and extortionist.  Take fornication for example.  It has been my experience to find a great number of church going people that call themselves Christian, participating in this calling it an “Affair” or “Hooking Up.”  These are terms that the lost world uses.          

     The LORD wants us to see that to do these things is to go against the Laws of God and will not have Eternal Life.  We would not dare to go against the law of gravity and throw ourselves off of a building.  Yet, we would go against the laws of God tempting God to not do anything about it.  Jesus shows us the way and calls us to follow Him as He walked as a man in God’s time and laws.


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