John 6:41-69 ~ June 26, 2011

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     Let’s look back at the Message of the LORD from last week. We always want to remember that we are not reading a book but a letter that has been placed in a book by God for us to read. So let us look again at this passage that is often very hard to understand unless we sit at the master’s feet and listen and then ask questions. In this passage we find the truth of the most important part of our faith.  That is, understanding the crucifixion of Jesus for you. You say what’s to understand, Jesus was nailed to a cross what else is there? When this is all we know, we are like most Christians who are still wondering if they’re going to go to heaven, never realizing the gift given to them for a new life. Knowing what is involved in the crucifixion gives you the assurance of your salvation. Now, let’s go back and sit at the feet of Jesus to see, understand and have the assurance of our salvation.

     First Jesus spoke to us from verse 44. He said unless you are drawn by the Father you cannot come to Jesus. To draw someone you have to have something they want. We all come to Church because we want to hear about Jesus, about how we can have eternal life now. We are “Drawn” by the LORD, see Romans 10:13-15. The LORD sends people to preach and draw us to Him. God sends us a preacher or a witness that knows the Gospel to declare the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ suffering for our sins on the cross. Then we hear, know and go to the LORD Jesus and call on Him.

     In verse 63, the LORD shows that the things He is speaking of are spiritual and not about the flesh.  We can begin to understand this mystery of the “Bread.” In verses 51, Jesus said that the “Bread” of life is His flesh that we must eat that we may have life. Remember, He is speaking spiritually. This means we must take into our being the reality of what happened on the cross. 2 Corinthians 5:21 speaks to us of this mystery miracle. This scripture declares that the Father made (created on the cross) Jesus to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we may be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

     In verse 53, Jesus makes the explicit point that if you don’t eat this reality of the crucifixion, meaning if you don’t receive this reality of Jesus dying for your sins and justifying you, John 1:12 then you do not have salvation, that new eternal life. If you really believe, then you will not walk around with a heavy load of guilt from past sins seeing yourself as a failure, a sinner.  No, you will walk around with joy and fulfillment, knowing you have eternal life, the new life of righteousness.

     In verse 57, Jesus says that this life is not like the life you have now.  It is new life 2 Corinthians 5:15.  It is The Life of Jesus dwelling in you Galatians 2:20.   Now if you don’t have this new life different than the old one, a life that is like Jesus, then you need to go back and do it again. The LORD’s Word is so good and with so much opportunity.  Let’s accept what He has done for us.

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