John 6:22-27 ~ June 5, 2011

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     In John 6:22-27, we see the multitudes that had been fed bread are now seeking Jesus for the wrong reason. Jesus had put the disciples in the boat and sent them on the Sea of Tiberias to Capernaum where His earthly headquarters were located in Peter’s house. Jesus went up into a mountain to pray. Jesus had separated His disciples and Himself from the multitude because they wanted to make Him King. This could not happen because Jesus had to go to the cross to be the sin sacrifice for all mankind. As we pick up the account in verse 24, we find the people taking ships to follow the disciples to find Jesus. When they found Jesus, He tells them the truth that they just want Him because of the bread. It is here that we learn a truth that I am afraid much of the modern Christian Church does not know. Jesus said in verse 27, “Labor not for the meat that perishes.” When we think about this it seems contradictory to what the Bible says about labor or working for a living. The Bible says in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 that if any do not work they should not eat. Yet here in John 6:27, He says, “labor not.” But notice, He is not saying not to labor, He is saying there is something for which you should not labor, namely that which perishes.

     To get understanding of what the LORD was saying He took us to Matthew 6:31-33. Here we see that Jesus says the Gentiles, that is the lost unbelieving, are always laboring and thinking about what they will eat, what they should wear and what they shall drink. Jesus says that we should “Seek (or labor for) the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first.” Then, He will add all the things that the gentiles are running after. So our labor should be FIRST for that which does NOT perish, our place in the kingdom of God and His righteousness in our lives. If we “Give up” the meat or provision of the old life of the world and seek the provision of the new life of the kingdom of God, the LORD will add to us work that we like that is a labor of love. He will provide that which is the best without us running after it. Here is the truth. We can have that little for which we run after and scrimp and scratch, sweat and toil, or we can have great provision that is full and perfect that He will provide Philippians 4:19. This He will supply if our first labor is for that which does not perish i.e. the Kingdom of God and living His righteous life. Psalm 37:25 declares that the seed of God or the children of God will not be begging for bread. Yet today we find many Christians that are in need of work and provision for life. The reason is because of this truth. They are laboring for that which perishes and not FIRST seeking the Kingdom of God and the righteousness that is of Jesus Christ. To seek the Kingdom of God is to give up the life of the world and to seek the life of the kingdom. This is found in the Spirit of God that we receive being born again and then by learning the way of the life of Jesus Christ in the Bible and being discipled in the Church of Jesus Christ.

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