John 6:14-21 ~ May 29, 2011

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Once again the LORD spoke to us from John 6:14-21. The first thought of His heart from His Word was from verses 14-15. Those that do not know the LORD want a “Go to God,” like the current phrase used today to say, ”I have someone that will get me what I need.” In these verses we see that the multitude ran after Jesus to make Him King because He could give them bread “Evermore,” verse 34. This multitude is as the multitude today. Jesus is in the world and they do not know He is their creator, their savior. They do not understand that they were made by Jesus and that He came and delivered them from hell. They do not know there is a hell and that they are dead in their trespasses and sin and are existing on a thin thread of mercy over the mouth of hell, Isaiah 5:14. The mouth is opening ever wide to receive the multitude that is in this antichrist world. As it was then, all they want from Jesus is what they cannot get themselves, their “Go to guy, God.” The LORD spoke to us that there are many that call themselves Christian that are followers of Jesus for this same reason. Jesus is their “Go to God.” They only go to Him when tragedy comes, they have an illness, disease or there is a death. But, we are to notice that Jesus separates the real disciples from these that do not know Him, Matthew 14:22. They are not true Christians. Then Jesus goes up into the mountain.

Jesus spoke to us from verse 15. “We need a Savior not an eternal king bread maker.” We need a savior because we are all sinners, Romans 3:23. The result of that sin is death, physical and spiritual in hell Romans 6:23. It is a shame that the LORD will heal someone, save them from an automobile tragedy or some other trouble but they will not see the hand of God revealing His love and salvation for them. They will not receive Christ Jesus as their savior and will die in their sin and go to hell.

The last point that the LORD made was in verse 15. “Jesus, the Savior, went up the mountain to send down the power.” Jesus had put His disciples into the boat and sent them toward the synagogue of Capernaum. This is an allegory or picture of the life of those that receive Christ Jesus as Savior. Jesus separates us from the world by calling us out from those that just come to God for what they can get. Those that want to follow Jesus as LORD, to be like Him, He puts into His vessel (boat) representing the Church or the Ark, that delivers us from the coming wrath, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10. In this vessel/ark we have the power from the LORD up on the mountain of God in heaven to overcome the world (sea of humanity). We overcome by the new nature we received when we received Him, John 1:12. We are in the boat/ark. When it is time to go to our destination, Jesus will come and take us there as He did in verses 16-21.

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