John 6:1-15 ~ May 22, 2011

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     The first point He brought to our attention was from John 6:1-3. “Why do you follow Me?”  People follow Jesus for many reasons.   Some follow Jesus for bread.  Churches all over the land give out food and clothing but those that come most of the time do not follow on with Jesus.  Then, there are those that follow for the show or the good times.  Some come for the miracles.  They love the good feelings but do not become disciples of Jesus following Him in His Life, in His Word.  But, there are those that follow Jesus who have received Him as their Lord and Savior.  They follow, taking His “Yoke” or committing themselves to Him, Matthew 11:28-30.  The LORD asks us, “Which one are you?”  The Lord separated from the multitudes and joined with His disciples on the mountain.  He calls us to be His disciples, separated from the crowd.

     The second point is from John 6:5-14.  He showed us the way the LORD works with mankind.  This was a principal that was basic to every move of the LORD.  The principal is, “To receive, you must give up.”  We have a prime example shown in this passage.  Jesus knew the people needed food.  He was concerned for them.  Jesus did not just pray and the food appeared.  The principal stated above had to be used.  A young lad had to give up his lunch for the multitude.  Jesus took his little lunch and turned it into a feast to feed those that were seeking Him.  I looked at many other miracles that He did and found the same principal.  In Luke 5 Jesus asked Peter to give up his boat for Him to preach to the multitude on shore. When He was finished, Jesus told him to go out to the deep for a large catch.  Peter went out and sure enough he received an enormous catch that they were unable to catch themselves.  Peter gave up his boat and received a huge catch.  Jesus asked the impotent man mentioned in John 5 if he wanted to be whole. Jesus told him to get up and walk.  The man had to give up the life and thinking of an impotent man.  He gave it up and received a new life being able to walk.  When Jesus called blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10, he gave up his begging garment and the life of blind man and received the life of a seeing, healthy man.  For all that seek the Eternal Life that is available now, the LORD declared that to get it you must give up the life of the world and become a follower of Jesus being in church and His Word.  Many still sit in churches trying to hold on to the life of the world and expecting to get Eternal Life.  The LORD says it cannot happen.  To get the good one you must let go, or repent of the other.

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