John 5:30-40 ~ May 15, 2011

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     There were five specific points that the Lord brought to our attention from this passage of Scripture.  One, there is a witness of Eternal Life in the believer.  Two, the witness is the works of God in us.  Three, believing comes from receiving the faith of God. Four, eternal life does not come from knowledge. Five, eternal life comes from a personal relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.  In verse 36, Jesus said that the great witness that He was Messiah was not what John the Baptist said but was the works of God.  This was the witness that He had the power to give eternal life.  In Luke 11:3-5, the disciples of John the Baptist had come and asked Him if He was the one (Messiah) or should they look for another?  Jesus pointed them to the works of God that He did as the Scriptures had said Messiah would do.  In the same way there will be a witness that we are the sons and daughters of God.  1 John 5:10 declares that, “He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself.”  The witness will be the works of God in us: 1 John 3:9-10 declares that the eternal life we live will not practice sin because His seed (The Holy Spirit) remains in us and we cannot practice sin.  John 14:12 declares that the eternal life in us will do the works that Jesus did.  These works will be contrary to the works that the world does, John 14:23 we will keep His commandments.   

     Next, Jesus pointed out to the religious leaders that they did not receive Him as Messiah because they did not have God’s Word abiding in them.  These religious leaders knew the Scriptures yet they did not have faith of God.  Faith is the revelation from God that Jesus is the Messiah.  God had sent faith to them but they had not received it.  It was not abiding in them, so when Jesus came they did not have any faith to match Jesus to.  God calls all by faith to receive Messiah.  Faith is revelation that comes into our hearts.  Then, when we hear of Jesus it matches the faith we have received of God and we give ourselves to Him.

      Next Jesus told the religious leaders to search the scriptures which they had been doing but that they should realize that that the scriptures themselves were not salvation.  The Scriptures pointed to the Savior of God. Jesus was the one that the fulfilled everything about the Messiah.  Today, there is thinking that much learning is the way to success.  It is often quoted, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  But, truth itself is not salvation.  It is only pointing to salvation.  Jesus said of the Scriptures, “They are they that testify of me and ye will not come to me that you might have eternal life.”  This is the most important truth, salvation is not is knowledge but is in a personal relationship with Jesus.  What is a personal relationship with Jesus like?  It is being with Him in prayer, in church, in following Him in His commandments that you learn when you are with Him in prayer, studying His Word and in discipleship in church.  Do you believe in Him by knowledge or do you have a personal relationship with Him?  Jesus said, “come to me”   Matthew. 11:28.  Come!           

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