John 5:15-29 ~ May 1, 2011

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Let us review what the LORD said to us last Sunday as we looked into His Word. We did not make it to Vs. 29 because the LORD spoke to us from vss. 15-18.  In these verses we see that the Jews were mad at Jesus even to the point of wanting to kill Him because He healed a man on the Sabbath.  From this the LORD spoke to us in saying that this is the way it is always, even today.  Religion and the world love Jesus as far as His promises of the things that we want in respect to our physical needs, in tragedy when someone is in a medical crisis and in our future as our desire to go to heaven.  But, religion and the world hate the Jesus that heals people of the life of sin.  When someone is healed of a life of sin by being Born Again, by becoming a new creation, becoming a bible quoting, church going witness of Jesus, the world and even religion hate it.  They love religion but when a person becomes a changed person declaring Jesus this upsets families and friends even causing some to lose jobs and spouses. This causes division in families as Jesus said in Matthew 10:34-36.  The LORD showed us by His Word that when we are hated by the world the Spirit of Glory and of God rest upon us. He is glorified 1 Peter 4:14.  This is what the LORD desires. He desires that we would glorify Him and be aligned with God and against men rather than being approved of men and against the LORD.  The LORD asks us, "In whom is your life aligned? Do men love you for being as they or are you peculiar to them and not well liked? " Do we want to have prestige with men because our life is like theirs or to be ridiculed by them because our life witnesses of Jesus?  Let us be like Malachi 3:16-17 blessed of the LORD.

Next, the LORD spoke to us in verse 17. Jesus said that though it was Sabbath the Father still is working and He works.  The LORD is always sitting on His throne of mercy and grace Hebrews 4:14-16 holding all existence together with His Word Hebrews 1:3.  You do not have to wait to get to Church to repent, pray and be forgiven. You don’t have to find a preacher or your pastor to pray for you. God is there to hear your prayer and forgive and cleanse you from all sin.  You have the promise of God and the Spirit of God who is always with you and listening ready to answer 24-7.  God is always ready in you to share the Gospel, to listen to someone, to help as the "Good Samaritan." But, are we like the religious that passed by saying it was not time to help?

Finally, Jesus said in verses 19- 20 that He could only do what He saw His Father do.  This is the most amazing point.  Jesus had laid down all of His power in heaven and took on a form as we are Philippians 2:8-10.  All that He did, He did by the power of the Holy Spirit that He received back at His baptism as a man with John the Baptist.  This, He did showing us how we are to be.  Are we doing as He did?

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