John 5:1-16 ~ April 10, 2011

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The LORD first teaches us through His Word concerning His person as the Messiah.  The pool of Bethesda which means the house of mercy is visited every year by an angel to heal the first that get s into the water when it is agitated.  This is a sign of the fulfillment of Zechariah 13:1 that the LORD will open up a fountain for the washing away of sin and uncleanness.  It was the time of Passover and the people were gathered about the pool waiting for the agitation of the water. Jesus, who is the living water of Life, comes as the sign declared in Zechariah13:1 declared.  We saw that Jesus came to the man "knowing" he had been sick for years. 

The LORD spoke to us from the three statements that He made to the man.  The first was, "Do you want to be made whole?"  This appears to be a strange question to ask someone assuming everyone wants to be made whole, but the LORD asks, "Do they?"  Do you want to be whole or complete as you were created to be. To be holy this means you give up those things of the flesh that you like in order to be what God wants you to be.  If we think about this, we will find that there are a lot of things that we make excuses for. There are things we do not want to give up to become what Jesus has provided for us in the work of His Grace.  Let’s just take one thing for instance. We don’t want to give up our own agenda and time to sit and pray and study His Word of life that we will get His agenda daily.  The LORD says, "Do you want to be made whole?"  If we do, then we must be like the man who had a sickness that was caused by his sin, see vs. 14. We must hear the Word of the LORD and obey and walk in His Word. 

This brings us to the second thing that Jesus said to the man and He says to us, "Rise up take up thy bed and walk."  The man was healed because He obeyed the Word of God.  Many who sit in the church of the LORD Jesus do not even know what the Word of God says to them because they do not study His Word so they can follow His Word. They do not pray, commune with Him in prayer to hear Him. 

The third thing Jesus said to the man was, "Sin no more less a worse thing come on you."  The LORD says we need to fear sin for it has deadly consequences.  The truth is we do not fear sin. We say. "Oh well if I sin I can just say I’m sorry."  It is true we can confess our sin and be forgiven but our sin could have put death, sickness and disease into motion in others around us who are influenced by our life.  We need to see sin as deadly as it is and avoid it. 

Last, Jesus spoke of the Sabbath.  The Jews had their traditions. The 613 Mitzvahs that they had devised and built a system of law beyond the Law of God. Jesus healed seven times on the Sabbath and this infuriated the Jews. Why did He do this?  The LORD will speak to us next week on this.  Pray and study and walk in His Word.

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