John 4:43-54 ~ April 3, 2011

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The LORD first spoke to us from vs. 45.  He showed us the reason that Jesus had done many miracles and wonderful things at Jerusalem (John 2:23) by the scripture in Psalm 89:14 "Justice and judgment are the foundations of thy throne, mercy and truth shall go before thy face."  This is what Jesus did while He was on the earth. He displayed the "Mercy and truth" of the kingdom of God to come. All of the miracles and healings were the truth of the future kingdom of Messiah/Christ Jesus. Jesus lived the life that all must live in the new kingdom to come.

Next, He spoke to us from vs. 47 about the nobleman who "heard" that Jesus was come.  The hearing of the name of Jesus caused a hope to arise in him.  He was a member of the royal family or a high leader of the king’s government that did not hold to any belief in a coming Messiah. Yet, the name of Jesus caused this hope, this faith in the name of Jesus for the healing of his son who was sick unto death.  Here the LORD showed us that His name goes throughout the earth by the people of God Psalm19:1-5, and Romans 10:13-17 to bring faith to them that they might be saved.  The nobleman heard the name of Jesus and came to Him and received salvation for his whole family and healing for his son.
Next in vs. 47 the LORD spoke to us another principal of the truth and mercy that we must get before we come to the kingdom of heaven. "We must come to Him."  This was a very humbling experience for this nobleman. He did not humble himself to many, especially to any holy men. Yet, here he was racing off to do exactly this.  Many think they can just come to church or just turn over a new leaf in their life but that will not do anything.  We must come to Jesus in sincere prayer with faith committing ourselves and believing He is the power and Word of God.  The Word of God declares Revelation 22:17 "Whosoever thirsts" for salvation, "Come."

Then the LORD spoke to us about His statement to the nobleman vs. 48, "Except you see signs and wonders you will not believe."    Jesus said in Matthew 12:39 that an evil generation desires a show.  Yet, the first apostles did not follow Him for that. They simply heard Him call and followed.  These were men that had a mind not to be evil but to be righteous because they had a fear of judgment and hell and knew they needed a savior. See Psalm 9:17, 55:15-16 These were scriptures they knew.  Today the church is filled with those that need signs and wonders to believe but they are like those in John 6 who after being fed with miracle bread and fish could not stay with Jesus when He said something that was a spiritual truth that made no sense physically. They left following Him.

Last in vs. 50 we were shown how we must respond to His Word.  The nobleman believed even when Jesus said He was not going down with him but only said "Go thy way your son lives."  This what the LORD expects from us, to completely believe His Word with no evidence and act upon it.  When we do we will see that His Word is true.

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