John 4:27-42 ~ Mar 27, 2011

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We were shown what is the greatest moment of why Jesus came into this world. The supreme event is when a human soul that is in darkness from the fall of mankind, i.e. dead in sin, meets the Savior promised from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:15.) 

As Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman, the Holy Spirit within Him spoke to her spirit that was looking for the coming of the Messiah.  The words of Jesus were empowered by the Holy Spirit of God and connected with her spirit. Faith caused her to know that Jesus was the Messiah they are waiting for.  In a moment, this woman was changed from a sinner in darkness to a soul in the Light of God. Her nature was changed.  She went back to Sychar, not as one that avoids the good people of the city, casting her eyes down, being ashamed to be in company with them, fearing that they would confront her of her life of sin.  She was no longer ashamed. She had been cleared and redeemed by the Savior/Messiah of God, Jesus the Christ.  She ran straight to the men that would condemn her and declared that Messiah was at the well. She said to them, "Come, see a man, which told me all things that I ever did: is not this the Christ?" (John 4:29) She is saying, "He told me everything about myself and still He redeemed me and entrusted me with His identity to come and tell." 

This is what the LORD wants for every soul. The Scripture says He came to seek and save that which was lost, Luke 19:10. He came into this world to do for each one of us as He did for this woman.  We, like her, are in need of the Savior. We are all sinners by nature but when He reveals Himself to our spirit by His Spirit through the Gospel we will be like this woman. 
When Jesus’ disciples come back they only had two questions for Him. Both are carnal and not about the work of the Kingdom of God for which they were chosen were being trained.  The questions, "Why are you talking to this Samaritan?  Has someone brought Him food?"  This is unfortunately the way most of the disciples of the LORD think today, food and the way people look, who they know, where they’re from, who they hang around.  Jesus was interested in harvesting souls, the "Whosoever’s". This was the will of the father. This was the force that strengthened Jesus. 

The LORD asks us if there was ever a time when we were so into our work that we did not eat.  I believe we all said "yes". The question that comes from this is why can’t we do the same for the will of God, harvest souls for the kingdom of God?  Is our work more important than the will of God?  Those are questions we need to ponder greatly seeing that our vision is to be disciples of Christ Jesus. Our purpose is to make ready a people prepared for the LORD.

Last of all we saw that the LORD used this woman to change a city. A crowd of that city came to see and hear Jesus speak and invited Him to be with them.  Then they said, ‘Now we know because we have heard Him."  This is our story. Let it be so with each one of us.

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