John 4:1-15 ~ Mar 13, 2011

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I want to remind you of the message of the LORD. In Jn. 4:1-3 the LORD speaks to us of His ministry.  As He begins, He does not try to change the religious establishment. He does not go to the temple and try take over His Church. He goes to the people that He came for, the people that have been taken by the devil. He came to seek and save that which was lost, Luke 19:10.  We were shown this in Matthew 9:36. He came for the people that fainted in trying to be saved by their religious works and were scattered away from God because there were no shepherds. There were, but the LORD showed us that they were not caring for the people but using them for their own aggrandizement Jeremiah 23:1-4.  The LORD spoke to us that this is the state of the church today. Its leadership has become filled with Pastors that are the same way. They use the people to support their own life. They run the church as a business and not a ministry taking care of the people.

The LORD then spoke to us that we are "The Church." We need to see what the LORD is saying and turn back from being an organization. We need to return to being a ministry.  The LORD has given me a theme for us, the Church. He wants us to continue the ministry of Christ.  The theme is Luke 1:17 "To make ready a people prepared for the (the coming of) the LORD."  This is for each member of Woodland Acres Community Church.  Let’s take up this theme and do what the LORD desires of His Church.

In John 4:4-9, the LORD shows us what must be done by the church (Us.)  The scripture says that "He must needs go through Samaria."  Samaria was a part of Israel that had been conquered over a century before by the Assyrians.  They had carried away most of the people and replaced them with people from other nations they had conquered.  These intermingled and became a Jewish people that were considered defiled even as a gentile. The Jews stayed away from them and had no dealings with them.  They would go around them if they were going to Galilee. Jesus did not. He knew there was a soul that was seeking the LORD God.  The LORD reminded us of the parable in Luke 10:30-35 where a man fell in among thieves that wounded him, striped him and left him for dead.  Along came a Levite (The Churchman) who went around the wounded man, also a priest (The Churchman) who did likewise.  But, a Samaritan came and took care of the wounded man.  The woman at the well in John 4 represents those that are in our community. They need the LORD to come to them. The LORD is in us.  Let’s hear the LORD and go those in sin and bring the gospel to them.

Last of all, the LORD knew who He was, what He had and what she needed.  The Lord asks do you know who you are and what you have and what they need? 

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