John 3:9-16 ~ Feb 20, 2011

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The LORD showed us by His response to Nicodemus in vss. 9-12 you cannot understand until you are born again.  He took us to 1 Corinthians 2:7-16 to show us that we cannot understand until we are a spiritual man, a born again man.

In verse13, Jesus spoke that there is only one way to the Father and that is through Jesus, the only one that is come down from heaven, John 14:6.  It is amazing that many who call themselves Christian think as Nicodemus did, you entered the Kingdom of God through following the Law.  No. The only way is through trusting that the way is through believing Jesus was judged for your sin on the cross and receiving Him as the truth that gives you life.

In verses 14-15, the LORD spoke of the miracle of what He did for our salvation.  Moses in Numbers 21 at the direction of the LORD lifted up a brass serpent for the people to look to for deliverance.  Why didn’t Moses lift up a cross?  In verse 14, Jesus says He must be lifted up in the same manner to bring salvation and eternal life.  The penalty for sin is death. All have sinned. The only way mankind can be saved is that a sinless man take the punishment for sin.  Jesus came into the World to go to the cross as a sacrifice for our sin Hebrews 10:4-9. On the cross, a miracle happened as Jesus literally became sin for us 2 Corinthians 5:21. Now God can carry out the judgment for the sin of mankind upon Him and satisfy the Law of God.  What a wonderful thing the LORD has shown us.  The LORD says seeing that we, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit love you so much as to endure this to save you, do you think that we expect to have Christians that live like the world after we have endured such an ordeal for you salvation? The answer is NO!!!  What the LORD did gives us the power for a true conversion to have the new Life that is eternal and righteous and holy.

In verse 16, Jesus speaks to us that the LORD didn’t just say He loved us but His Love was shown in the fact that He, the whole Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit invested everything for our salvation, He "Gave", sacrificed all.  Did they endure this pain and shame for us to continue to be as the world?  Titus 2:14 declares that they gave themselves, in Jesus, to redeem a peculiar or distinct people different than the world, being like Jesus.  Knowing this, how can we remain as the world?  If we remain as the world, we have no salvation. We have been deceived or deceive ourselves.  Let us receive Christ gift of salvation and power and be the people that they gave their all for.

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