John 3:22-36 ~ Mar 6, 2011

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The LORD spoke to us through the life of John the Baptist about our purpose as Christians. John represents the true born again believer.  John was looking for the Messiah, the savior of the world.  When he found Him and was saved he did not stop what he was doing, calling people to Jesus.  Before Jesus came John did not know who the Messiah was but he looked for Him.  When he found Him, he began to point his followers to Jesus.  In verses 22-24, we see that John moved north to continue calling those that were looking for Messiah to Jesus.

In Luke 19:11-27, the LORD uses a parable about us Christians.  He speaks of three servants who received ten pounds which represent ability.  They were given the resource to accomplish what the LORD had called them to do, "Occupy." This means to conquer, subjugate, dominate, rule, seize, oppress, capture.  Jesus went to the cross to do this to the god of this world 2 Corinthians 4:4and to liberate the people.  Jesus had left the "Resource, ability" to do this. His servants were to carry out this ministry that He had started.  Two of the servants did as they were called to do and made converts. But the third took his "Resource, ability" and hid it to keep it for himself, to make sure he would go to heaven.  This action showed that this third servant was not a true servant but a hypocrite, a phony, an actor.  In Matthew 25:30 this phony was cast were all the other sinners go, to hell.

In John 3: 25-30, the LORD calls us to follow John the Baptist in his life.  John did not want his life to be noticed. He wanted the life of Jesus that was in him, the life of the Spirit of Christ Jesus, to be seen in him.  As men tried to lift him up, John said only the life of Jesus was important.  He said "I must decrease and He must increase."  That is what the LORD wants for us.  He wants the Spirit of Christ in us to increase and our spirit to decrease.  The Scripture says we are His body, 1 Corinthians 12:27. The LORD wants to be seen in the world, to be witnessed in us, by us Acts 1:8.  As true Christians, the LORD calls us to decrease in thinking that we are and increase in thinking that He is in our bodies.   This is difficult for us and can only be done by laying down our lives at the feet of Jesus and allowing Him to have our being for His servant.  Remember, the third servant in the parable in Luke 19:11-27?

In verse 36, the LORD speaks the message He had given John, the message that we must see is so important. We must give to all that we see and know that they will have eternal life and not eternal wrath.  Let us be doers of the word of God like the two faithful servants in Luke 19:11-17.

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