John 3:17-21 ~ Feb 27, 2011

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The LORD spoke to us from the scripture that He did not send Jesus to condemn the world but that the world would be saved THROUGH HIM. The word condemn means to decide judicially, to decree the sentence of punishment.  The LORD came to deliver us, save us from the hell we were going to. Ephesians 2:1 declares, "And you has He made alive who were dead in your trespasses and sins."  We are saved THROUGH His death on the cross. Christ Jesus received the punishment for our sins and received justification for us, exonerating us, clearing us of all sin by His sacrifice.  We are saved through Him not our own works.

Psalm 89:14 shows us how He works.  Here we learned that the Throne of God which represents His Kingdom is established on justice and true judgment meaning that there is no sin absolutely anywhere in His kingdom.  If we are in the spiritual state of being dead in our trespasses and sins when He comes or we go to Him, we will be judged and found guilty and sentenced to hell forever.  But, the rest of the scriptures shows the reason Jesus came.  "God’s mercy and truth goes before Him." Before He comes to judge, He comes as the mercy of God revealing the truth of God so that we can receive His mercy by His death on the cross and live eternally with Him when He returns.
In verse 18, the LORD said to us that those that hear His truth and receive His mercy, TRUSTING on what Jesus did for them on the cross, trusting that their sins were punished in Jesus on the cross, are not under condemnation. 

In verse 19, the LORD showed us that the truth that He came with is the light that will save us from the condemnation or judgment that is coming.  The Light means the revelation of truth of the God Life that we were created to live in.  The Light shows us the sin that we are living in.  Jesus both delivered the Light orally and visually in His life.  He also spoke to us that men love the darkness of the life of the fallen world.  We can all understand this if we will be honest with ourselves. We all love sin. We love the darkness all though we don’t know that is what it is.  We all lust with our eyes, with our flesh and have the pride of life, 1 John 2:15-16. It is the human experience.  If we say that we do not then we call God a liar, 1 John 1:10.  We need to acknowledge that we are sinners and receive the Light of the truth of our condition, repent, call out to God, come to Him and be saved.

These words are life and death to us let’s heed them and receive them.

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