John 3:1-12 ~Feb 6, 2011

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Let us look back at what the LORD said to us from Jn. 3:1-12.  He first pointed to a Pharisee, a man of the religious class of the Jews that we would call conservative today.  The Pharisee was the Scripture believing sect of Israel. The man’s name was Nicodemus.  The LORD called us to consider his name. It means "Victorious among his people."  Here we were instructed to hear what His Word says in Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches . . ."  There is potential in a name. God named Abram Abraham to change his potential from father to father of many nations, Sari to Sarah from mother to mother of many nations.  Jacob from surplanter to Israel Prince with power from God, and Simon Peter to Cephas from a stone to the rock, and our name has been changed from gentile to Christian to become the potential.  He spoke to us to name our children a good name with potential for God and not a name that just sounds good.

Next He showed us the heart of Nicodemus.  The LORD loves him because he is one that seeks the LORD with all his heart.  He comes to Jesus by night because he wants to seek the truths of God for he knows that Jesus is from God.  Jesus cuts through all the formality of social discourse and goes to the question of his heart that he didn’t even know to ask and gives him what his heart is yearning for, what he must do to see and be in the kingdom of God.  In this passage the LORD speaks to me that He loves Nicodemus’ heart and would that all of us would be like him. He loves for people to come to Him and ask Him questions. He wants to give the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  I know in my place as pastor I love to be asked questions about the Scriptures and love to teach the mysteries of the doctrines of Christ because His heart is in me.  The LORD speaks to me now that there are many around us and in this neighborhood that are seeking the LORD but do not see where He is.  We have the Spirit of God and the mysteries of His kingdom but the people do not see because the church has become a place that represents religious rituals that don’t answer questions but only give more questions, a place of hypocrites.  The LORD calls us to be light shining the personality and character of Jesus so that the people will see Him in us.

Last of all Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus was that he must be born again. He must have a birth of the Holy Spirit to enter into and see the kingdom of God.  This is the greatest truth from God’s Word that must be known and declared.  This truth is the door to all the answers to the questions that mankind has for God.  It is not merely believing in Jesus as the Son of God, nor joining the church and being baptized as most believe, it is you must be born of the Spirit, and have a birth of the Spirit of God.

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